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This niche is a less popular one with bloggers, so you could potentially do well in this niche.

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Blog Stats OS Theme Monetization SP
Nederlands — WordPress
wordpress, meer, blog, plugins, thema's, nederlands, maak, vrijgegeven, veel, ontwikkelaars, nieuwe, editor, code, vind, hosting, download, wordpressorg, door, krachtige, functies, kennis, nieuws, wordpressswag, wordpressgebruikers, websites
Relevancy: 43
MozRank: 0.15
Inbound Links: 10,294,232
Inbound Equity Links: 9,997,880
Make money selling ebooks | Seymour Products | Start online business | Digital Products
products, ebooks, marketing, store, niche, blogs, facebook, business, ebook, amazing, resell, website, affiliate, internet, wordpress, home, money, services, complete, pack, blog, email, customization, wholesale, established
Relevancy: 55
MozRank: 0.42
Inbound Links: 45,058
Inbound Equity Links: 40,192
getWSOdownload – Download all the latest Internet Marketing products from one place! – Home of Internet Marketing Products – Download them all from one place !
download, products, downloads, requests, updates, changelog, collection, abraham, lifetime, reference, library, bootcamp, buys, machines, agora, financial, media, marketing, frank, kern, legacy, buying, directors, cuts, internet
Relevancy: 18
MozRank: 0.65
Inbound Links: 4,588
Inbound Equity Links: 97
Linkody blog - SEO, Marketing, and Traffic Acquisition
reddit, updates, rankings, google, robotstxt, facebook, building, advertising, practices, million, reading, marketing, case, helvis, smoteks, biggest, study, tips, optimize, website, itâs, 2019, blog, traffic, ecommerce
Relevancy: 18
MozRank: 0.91
Inbound Links: 1,547
Inbound Equity Links: 43
Buzznitrous: Online Business, Digital Marketing, Growth Hacks, SEO & Blogging
niche, website, keyword, research, profitable, goals, strategies, long, tail, project, strategy, outsource, experts, share, building, effective, stand, keywords, money, marketing, blog, setting, reasons, work, public
Relevancy: 33
MozRank: 1.15
Inbound Links: 60
Inbound Equity Links: 37
Niche Website Blog - Build Passive Income With Niche Sites
niche, website, money, blog, earn, making, start, websites, products, personal, affiliate, examples, lifestyle, markets, ways, save, gardening, tutorial, free, resource, curate, capital, program, fiverr, building
Relevancy: 41
MozRank: 1.47
Inbound Links: 16
Inbound Equity Links: 10
Azib Yaqoob - I Help Businesses Find More Customers
reputation, guide, services, optimize, website, google, onpage, management, business, etsy, results, marketing, azib, yaqoob, keyword, research, local, strategy, proven, store, negative, blog, clients, ranking, customers
Relevancy: 24
MozRank: 2.3
Inbound Links: 899
Inbound Equity Links: 753
Wallet Squirrel - Personal Finance and Investment Blog
blog, awesome, money, income, twitter, facebook, pinterest, squirrel, wallet, favorite, savings, start, report, ways, resources, finance, learn, investing, month, reports, menu, 2018january, 2019, 2018december, 2018
Relevancy: 6
MozRank: 2.32
Inbound Links: 2,006
Inbound Equity Links: 1,963
enfold Best Deals for Designers & Developers - DealMirror - DealMirror
deals, deal, lifetime, dealmirror, submit, giveaway, freebies, purchase, history, wallet, feedback, solution, business, system, local, lead, social, personal, complete, free, zoolz, digital, featured, account, marketing
Relevancy: 9
MozRank: 2.9
Inbound Links: 577
Inbound Equity Links: 216
ImRhys - Helping You Make Money Online With Affiliate Marketing – Internet Marketing Is Easy
review, shopify, reviews, rhys, ecom, marketing, affiliate, theme, themes, drop, ecommerce, 2019, filed, tagged, turbo, booster, converting, comment, savage, affiliates, franklin, figure, angels, shipping, guide
Relevancy: 22
MozRank: 2.9
Inbound Links: 896
Inbound Equity Links: 187
Subscription Billing Software | Membership Management SaaS | Subscription DNA
subscription, billing, management, membership, platform, cloud, recurring, tools, features, payments, premium, software, communications, paywall, saas, automation, enrollment, support, integration, focus, home, information, reporting, invoicing, logging
Relevancy: 3
MozRank: 2.9
Inbound Links: 11,495
Inbound Equity Links: 11,182
The Make Money Online Blog - Do the Work; Live The Life
affiliate, wealthy, simon, money, free, itâs, crowe, blog, website, training, youâre, niche, start, youâll, step, income, membership, real, work, building, iâve, thatâs, working, account, hope
Relevancy: 39
MozRank: 3
Inbound Links: 744
Inbound Equity Links: 39
TechTage – Build & Grow Profitable Websites, Organically
affiliate, hosting, wordpress, marketing, rohit, techtage, build, profitable, websites, organically, wrote, amazon, guide, review, grow, building, inbound, dean, people, reviews, home, toolkit, ahrefs, engine, journal
Relevancy: 64
MozRank: 3.03
Inbound Links: 2,166
Inbound Equity Links: 180
Income School - Income School
income, ricky, earn, passive, internet, marketing, kesler, traffic, project, building, people, work, worth, hacks, school, blog, products, buying, siteâplus, info, niche, email, coaching, subscribe, living
Relevancy: 62
MozRank: 3.3
Inbound Links: 1,336
Inbound Equity Links: 946
Niche Amazon Affiliate Marketing Resources
niche, amazon, step, affiliate, blog, marketever, home, testimonial, review, money, strategies, working, marketing, resources, case, learn, thousands, proven, bullshit, figures, start, journey, amazoncom, siteground, reviews
Relevancy: 43
MozRank: 3.3
Inbound Links: 273
Inbound Equity Links: 85
The Blog And Podcast Of Yaro Starak
blog, podcast, yaro, learn, started, claire, soundcloud, profits, blueprint, world, swayne, giovino, figures, inboxdonecom, wong, story, home, starak, money, spent, living, airbnbs, traveling, including, photos
Relevancy: 5
MozRank: 3.5
Inbound Links: 45,272
Inbound Equity Links: 39,949
Entrepreneur Journal Review - A Blog on Online Business -
lead, business, generation, review, coaching, more8230, marketing, program, story, digital, start, success, filed, agency, 2018, facebook, year, figures, small, entrepreneurs, free, build, real, courses, money
Relevancy: 31
MozRank: 3.6
Inbound Links: 4,365
Inbound Equity Links: 973
authority-pro Blog: The Complete Guide to Successful Blogging in 2019
blog, wordpress, domain, start, free, blogging, bluehost, create, process, website, account, step, hosting, started, email, database, platform, file, google, traffic, marketing, live, visitors, media, easy
Relevancy: 33
MozRank: 4.09
Inbound Links: 11,804
Inbound Equity Links: 10,463
Location Rebel - Freelance Writing, Niche Sites, and Other Lifestyle Businesses
guide, location, rebel, niche, testimonial, lifestyle, affiliate, complete, ultimate, academy, business, courses, articles, started, blog, freelance, writing, freelancer, products, beginners, month, passive, income, newbies, land
Relevancy: 44
MozRank: 4.3
Inbound Links: 11,024
Inbound Equity Links: 5,521
PreMadeNiches | PLR Blogs | Turnkey Websites for Sale
blog, blogs, niche, websites, marketing, wordpress, tips, ready, home, business, affiliate, travel, improvement, turnkey, website, products, personal, popular, starter, weight, loss, skin, care, free, internet
Relevancy: 79
MozRank: 4.4
Inbound Links: 63,916
Inbound Equity Links: 62,086
woorkup - Marketing, WordPress, SEO, WebPerf
wordpress, review, brian, jackson, free, plugin, perfmatters, plugins, kinsta, performance, form, 2018, marketing, check, favicon, event, speed, woorkup, modula, gallery, create, blank, code, black, friday
Relevancy: 16
MozRank: 4.5
Inbound Links: 6,208
Inbound Equity Links: 4,642
NicheHacks - "The Wikipedia of Online Marketing..."
marketing, reading, affiliate, niche, profitable, updated, money, resources, jawad, khan, nichehacks, amazon, ultimate, start, business, traffic, blogging, internet, marketers, niches, guide, research, sales, building, email
Relevancy: 53
MozRank: 4.8
Inbound Links: 5,484
Inbound Equity Links: 4,847
artists, drawing, mark, making, artist, year, arts, exhibition, galleries, painting, society, museum, portrait, life, books, royal, sackler, challenge, drawings, 2019, vinci, sketching, website, museums, leonardo
Relevancy: 7
MozRank: 4.9
Inbound Links: 187,322
Inbound Equity Links: 181,813
BloggersPassion: Learn Professional SEO Blogging with An Expert
free, money, semrush, blog, guide, fashion, worth, start, ultimate, adsense, blogging, youtubers, increase, authority, bloggers, domain, reading, traffic, featured, anil, agarwal, blogs, beginners, account, trial
Relevancy: 13
MozRank: 4.97
Inbound Links: 19,238
Inbound Equity Links: 5,219
Zac Johnson - Affiliate Marketing Tips from
business, marketing, affiliate, google, adsense, money, internet, weeks, project, tools, entrepreneurs, dream, johnson, tips, management, software, methods, strategies, budget, digital, growth, amazon, owning, goals, reality
Relevancy: 32
MozRank: 4.99
Inbound Links: 27,569
Inbound Equity Links: 23,515
Niche Pursuits - Find Business Ideas, Niche Websites, and much more!
spencer, haws, niche, project, review, websites, buying, wordpress, amazon, christopher, benitez, business, blog, website, themes, start, products, tools, case, studies, archives, podcasts, build, ways, monthly
Relevancy: 100
MozRank: 5.06
Inbound Links: 9,323
Inbound Equity Links: 5,693
Fat Stacks Blog
niche, blog, websites, website, income, software, marketing, monetization, free, experience, reviews, reports, keywords, social, media, video, email, report, traffic, ways, careers, blogs, start, ideas, tools
Relevancy: 55
MozRank: 5.09
Inbound Links: 819
Inbound Equity Links: 215
85ideas: WordPress Theme and Plugin Reviews
wordpress, themes, plugins, website, blog, builder, theme, design, free, deals, freebies, composer, visual, reviews, tutorials, beginners, collections, premium, intranet, directory, easily, typography, inspiration, photoshop, rating
Relevancy: 38
MozRank: 5.5
Inbound Links: 64,795
Inbound Equity Links: 63,695
WP Dev Shed » WordPress Themes, Plugins and Hosting
reading, wordpress, theme, download, demo, hosting, design, services, email, plugins, images, blog, facebook, themes, free, travel, responsive, plugin, home, social, guide, improve, superfit, cartel, blue
Relevancy: 27
MozRank: 5.79
Inbound Links: 1,342,873
Inbound Equity Links: 1,342,080
Web Design Blog - Webdesigner Depot
design, 2019, popular, week, free, ways, download, ezequiel, bruni, cameron, chapman, portfolios, designers, suzanne, scacca, inspiration, business, mobile, tech, avoid, freshest, designs, carrie, cousins, staff
Relevancy: 10
MozRank: 6.04
Inbound Links: 604,414
Inbound Equity Links: 569,652
The Smart Passive Income Blog—Smart Ways to Live a Passive Income Lifestyle on the Internet with
email, marketing, smart, income, affiliate, podcast, business, blog, 2019, resources, passive, switchpod, podcasting, book, learn, start, free, blogging, courses, greatest, ebooks, work, disclaimer, live, works
Relevancy: 22
MozRank: 6.21
Inbound Links: 62,651
Inbound Equity Links: 51,406
ShoutMeLoud - Shouters who inspire
wordpress, marketing, shoutmeloud, hosting, blog, blogging, free, money, image, adsense, deals, bluehost, email, guide, affiliate, harsh, agrawal, coupon, discount, denharsh, media, start, ebook, followers, boss
Relevancy: 13
MozRank: 6.88
Inbound Links: 415,661
Inbound Equity Links: 401,680
Premium Magazine WordPress Themes for Bloggers | MH Themes
themes, wordpress, magazine, theme, professional, blog, support, websites, food, website, demo, dynamic, create, blogs, premium, layout, updates, magazines, optimized, learn, awesome, ideas, installation, clean, working
Relevancy: 43
MozRank: 8.25
Inbound Links: 52,533,700
Inbound Equity Links: 1,948,518

This report shows some blogs that may be related to your niche.

Use this report to see what your competitors are doing. Also reach out to them for possible guest posting opportunities. Remember to leave comments on them as well.

If your Moz API keys have been correctly configured then this report will also show the following colour coding of table rows:

- sites with a much higher rank than your own site. It will probably be very difficult to outrank these sites.

- sites with a lightly higher rank than your own site. You may be able to rank these sites with superior content and better marketing.

- these sites have a lower rank than your own site. You should be able to outrank these sites without too much difficulty.

- your own site.

Monetization key: - uses Google AdSense, - uses Amazon Associates.

Each row shows how relevant the blog's content is to your own site. Don't discount less relevant results - maybe you can discover a brand new niche with much less competition than in your current niche.

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Nederlands — WordPress
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10. WordPress 4.7 is vrijgegeven
Make money selling ebooks | Seymour Products | Start online business | Digital Products
getWSOdownload – Download all the latest Internet Marketing products from one place! – Home of Internet Marketing Products – Download them all from one place !
1. Molly Pittman & Ezra Firestone – Train My Traffic Person
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10. Jim Kwik – Unleash Your Brain
Linkody blog - SEO, Marketing, and Traffic Acquisition
1. How The 50 Biggest E-Commerce Websites Do SEO – Massive Case Study
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8. On Page vs. Off Page SEO – What Is The Difference And Best Practices
9. 12 Cold Emailing Strategies for Content Promotion [Hacks that Deliver]
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Buzznitrous: Online Business, Digital Marketing, Growth Hacks, SEO & Blogging
1. Oh No! FAILED All My Goals!! How I Plan to Get Back Up Again
2. 56+ SEO Experts Share Future-Proof Link Building Strategies (For New & Established Websites)
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10. 30 Day Writing Challenge (times 6)
Niche Website Blog - Build Passive Income With Niche Sites
1. Niche Website Examples – Resource, Lifestyle, and Curate
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Azib Yaqoob - I Help Businesses Find More Customers
1. How to Optimize a Website in 2019 for Google Search
2. How Long Does it Take to Improve Online Reputation?
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Wallet Squirrel - Personal Finance and Investment Blog
1. Income Report – December, 2018
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9. Income Report – August, 2018
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ImRhys - Helping You Make Money Online With Affiliate Marketing – Internet Marketing Is Easy
1. Savage Affiliates Review: Franklin Hatchett’s Affiliate Course
2. Shopify Booster Theme Review, Will It Boost Your Sales?
3. Best Shopify Themes for Dropshipping (The 2019 Guide)
4. Best Converting Shopify Themes For 2019 (Buyers Guide)
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7. Advanced eCommerce Academy Review: Seth Smith Course
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10. 30 Day SMMA Review: Can You Start Online Marketing Agency? [2019 Update]
Subscription Billing Software | Membership Management SaaS | Subscription DNA
1. Research: More Consumers Are Turning to Subscription Services than Ever Before
2. Engaging Customer Loyalty with Subscription Services
3. Vehicle Subscription Services on the Rise: Here’s Why
4. Tips for Starting a Successful Subscription Box Company
5. Want to Start a Subscription Business? Don’t Forget the Billing!
6. How Often Should You Bill Your Subscription Customers? (Part Two)
7. How Often Should You Bill Your Subscription Customers? (Part 1)
8. Subscription Services Here to Stay
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The Make Money Online Blog - Do the Work; Live The Life
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TechTage – Build & Grow Profitable Websites, Organically
Income School - Income School
1. Season 4 Episode 2
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Niche Amazon Affiliate Marketing Resources
1. SiteGround Reviews – Honest Review with Uptime & Performance Data!
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5. How To Sell Your Niche Site For The Highest Price With FE International
6. Niche Site Launching Checklist – 23 Things To Do Before Your Niche Site Goes Live
7. How To Choose The Right Domain Name For Niche Site?
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9. [Announcing] Public Niche Site Case Study
10. What Is a High Quality Backlink in Google’s Eye?
The Blog And Podcast Of Yaro Starak
1. Will Swayne: How Agency Owners Can Use Their Skills To Start New Side Companies
2. Claire Giovino: From Zero To Six Figures, Behind The Scenes Of The First Year Of
3. Jay Wong: Founder Of ‘The Inner Changemaker’ Show Explains The Story Behind His $20,000/Month Podcast
4. I Spent 3 Years Living In AirBNBs And Traveling The World (Including Photos!)
5. How I Cured My Crippling Panic Attacks And Anxiety [ The Ultimate Guide ]
6. How Donald Trump, Heart Palpitations And A Trip To The Hospital Delivered An Important Reminder Of The Power Of Your Mind
7. If You Want To Live A 4-Hour Workweek You Can’t Do Your Own Email
8. How Would You Choose To Live If Your Existence Was Forever?
9. Finding Flow, The Definition Of A Meaningful Life And How To Discover Your True Purpose
10. The Journey Is The Destination: How Anticipation And Pursuit Of The Future Make You Happy Today
Entrepreneur Journal Review - A Blog on Online Business -
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Location Rebel - Freelance Writing, Niche Sites, and Other Lifestyle Businesses
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3. The Best Email Marketing Tips for Beginners (From ConvertKit’s COO)
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PreMadeNiches | PLR Blogs | Turnkey Websites for Sale
1. Web Design Basics Starter Blog
2. Stop Smoking Tips PLR Blog
3. Travel Tips PLR Niche Blog
4. Personal Finance PLR Niche Blog
5. Personal Development Turnkey Website
6. Christmas Gift: 50% Off Coupon Code
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8. Green Energy PLR Niche Blog
9. Gardening Tips PLR WordPress Blog
10. Dog Training Tips – “Done-for-you” PLR Blog
woorkup - Marketing, WordPress, SEO, WebPerf
1. Modula Review – The Most User-Friendly WordPress Gallery Plugin
2. How to Easily Create a Blank Favicon with Code (Fix 404 Errors)
3. Black Friday Sale (Perfmatters + WP Coupons) – We Are Raising Prices in 2019
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6. How to Find Competitor’s Ads on Facebook and Twitter for Free
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9. My 5 Biggest Failures as a Marketer and Entrepreneur (Cost Me 15 Years)
10. WP Event Manager Review – Making Events in WordPress a Breeze
NicheHacks - "The Wikipedia of Online Marketing..."
1. The 5 Biggest Affiliate Marketing “Secrets” Finally Revealed
2. Discover These Expensive Amazon Products That Sell Like Hot Cakes On A Cold Winters Day [Updated]
3. 9 Common Newbie Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing a Niche for Your Online Business
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2. How to Increase Domain Authority (DA) of Your Website in 2019 [Ultimate Guide]
3. How to Start A Fashion Blog And Make Money From It In 2019
4. Blogger Outreach Strategy: The Ultimate Beginners Guide [2019 Edition]
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6. Top 10 Image Sharing Sites Which Are Totally Free to Use In 2019
Zac Johnson - Affiliate Marketing Tips from
1. Project Management Software 101: A Guide for New Project Managers
2. Freelancer and Employee Payments: 7 Methods that Work Best
3. 5 Proven Lead Generation Strategies that Won’t Ruin Your Budget
4. Discover How to Sell More with Omnisend eCommerce Marketing Automation
5. 12 Essential Digital Marketing Tools Guaranteed to Grow Your Business
6. 5 Effective Methods to Goal Setting for Business Growth and Success
7. Top Business Expenses (and Deductions) Entrepreneurs Need to Know
8. 5 of the Best Tips to Boost Adsense Revenue on your Blog in 2019
9. Why Isn’t My SEO Working? 10 Reasons Why (And How to Fix It)
10. 5 Inspirational Entrepreneur Quotes to Keep You Inspired Through 2019
Niche Pursuits - Find Business Ideas, Niche Websites, and much more!
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2. Buying Websites For Sale: What You Need To Know How I Make $3K/Mo
3. 19 Simple Ways to Get Scammed Online: I Did It and So Can You!
4. Niche Site Project 4 Monthly Report for December 2018
5. Beaver Builder Review: WordPress Landing Page Creation Made Easy!
6. How Long Does it Take to Make Money From a New Website or Blog?
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This report shows some recent posts from blogs that may be related to your niche.

Use this report to see what your competitors are doing. Also reach out to them for possible guest posting opportunities. Remember to leave comments on them as well.

Search Results Competition Matrix

URL InDom InURL InTitle InMD InMK HasMD HasMK InH1 InH2 InH3 InAlt SP Diff

This table shows the search results competition matrix for the query niche websites.

These URLs aren't necessarily blogs - they could be other types of content.

More red ticks () mean that there has been more SEO done for this particular keyword or phrase.

Orange tags () show domains that are very popular with people using social networks, red tags () show domains with a huge amount of social activity.

Green tags () show domains with only minimal social sharing. Grey tags () mean the social popularity of the domain could not be determined.

Green ticks () show domains that should be fairly easy to outrank. Orange ticks () show domains that could be hard to outrank. Red ticks () show domains that could be extremely tough to outrank.


The keyword appears in the URL's domain name.
The keyword appears in the URL.
The keyword appears in the URL's HTML title tag.
The keyword appears in the URL's Description meta tag.
The keyword appears in the URL's Keyword meta tag.
The URL contains a meta Description tag.
The URL contains a meta Keywords tag.
The keyword appears in the URL's H1 heading tags.
The keyword appears in the URL's H1 heading tags.
The keyword appears in the URL's H2 heading tags.
The keyword appears in the URL's H3 heading tags.
The keyword appears in the Alt attribute of one or more of the images on the page.
Gives an estimate of the social popularity of the URL's domain.
Gives an estimate of the difficulty in outranking this site.

Estimated SEO Difficulty Score for niche websites is 35% (0 = easy, 100 = rock hard).

Highly Ranked Search Results

URL Monetization SP
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This report shows the most highly ranked URLs for the keyword niche websites.

These URLs aren't necessarily blogs - they could be other types of content.

If you need keyword and niche ideas then check out these tools and services: