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Build A Keyword Tool On Your Own? This Guy Reckons It's Not Possible? Register Here

Posted by BrettB
Registered User
14 Feb 2019 22:29

So I've been checking out the blogs that Blog Spy has found that are highly relevant to the Niche Laboratory website. One blog is

I found their blog quite interesting, although it's obviously written by techies and is pretty high level.

Anyway, this post by George Svash caught my eye: 5 Things You Should Know About Before Developing Your SEO Tool.

Item #3 in the list (I love lists of blog posts) is this: HIRE A TEAM.

George writes...

It will certainly save you cash to do this [make a keyword tool] all by yourself, and you might even think you’ve got all the skills and know-how required to do this all by yourself. But it’s the wrong way to go about it.

I was a developer, and even I couldn’t create my SEO tool all by myself. In short, you need help.

Really? Wow - I've build not one but three keyword tools all on my own! I built Niche Laboratory (web service), Niche Laboratory Pro (desktop app) and this week I've just released Blog Spy (another desktop app).

I must be mad. Or work 24/7. Or I'm just damned good at coding ha ha ha.

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