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Here's a New Sub-Forum For Talking About Bitcoins and Other Crypto Currencies Register Here

Posted by BrettB
Registered User
11 Aug 2017 14:10

I've added a few new make money forums and sub-forums to the Niche Laboratory discussion board. Since I rebuilt the site in July 2017 I've added a login facility to the site. From the stats I've collected on signups it's clear that most of you are newbies and are just starting out in your quest to make some extra money online.

I've noticed so much internet chatter about Bitcoins and other digital currencies that I thought I'd add a sub-forum just for these.

Yesterday I logged into my Peerfly account and noticed there's now the option to cash out my earnings as Bitcoins! Maybe it's time I started collecting digital currencies.

In fact one of my colleagues has a load of bitcoins. He was given them by a friend a few years ago when they were comparatively worthless. Now he has a nice nest egg of BTC.

Maybe Niche Laboratory should show you more keywords in return for bitcoins? What do you reckon?

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