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Who Here Invests Their Money - And What In? Register Here

Posted by BrettB
Registered User
31 Jul 2017 17:06

Hi fellow Niche Researchers,

I was wondering, does anyone here invest their online income or day job money into stocks, property or other investments?

I love investing and have got quite good at it. I would like to run an investment themed website. But I find it is a very difficult niche to rank well in.

What do I invest in?

I have a rental property. It's an OK investment.

I am into P2P investments. That has had a good run but I am winding it down a bit.

I am quite good at stock trading, but I found it took too much time.

I tried investing in buying websites on Flippa. But that was really difficult!

My current favourite investments are in covered call funds. They make money if stocks go up and down.

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