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What Are The Most Horribly Difficult Niches? Register Here

Posted by BrettB
Registered User
24 Jul 2017 10:17

Hi guys,

What niches do you think are the most difficult to succeed in? Post your failures in this thread! And remember to name your general niche.

For me property has been a horrible niche!

I had a really good idea - to make a website where you could find the best places in the UK to buy investment property.

I even built the site. It is (or was) at It will be up for another few weeks but then I've let the domain expire.

So what went wrong?

Two problems:

1. It's a hard niche and I didn't have the marketing know-how to make it a success.

2. The site had a lot of data heavy pages but not much in the way of actual content. And Google of course loves words.

What are the lessons we can learn from my mistakes?

VERY EASY - if you have a good idea and build a site with some nice data, start contacting newsrooms and try to get big links from major publications. Really I should have offered my data to the Daily Telegraph or Daily Mail. They are always hungry for good stories.

Posted by MrCroissantTaker
Registered User
27 Jul 2017 10:27

Sorry to hear of your problems with this niche. Hope you have more luck in your new niches.

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