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Posted by BrettB
Registered User
27 Jul 2017 16:05

OK so I don't know how I got the idea for this but I ended up buying the domain name

There's not much there yet, but I reckon it has some potential. it's the kind of site that could very well go viral and get links from all over the place.

Shoes are a good niche and it's not too hard to get traffic, especially if you have an interesting site.

Well that's the theory.

Before that happens it needs a lot of work!

I've done stage 1, which is to allow people to upload photos of shoes then the site tells them if their shoes are good or not.

It's pretty crude for now but in future I guess I could use some sort of crowdsourcing or bot logic to be a bit more precise.

About the only clever bit in there at the moment is that it's smart enough to give the same rating to the same photo. So the user knows the site isn't just totally random.

Stage 2 should be to make the site look nice. Maybe I should look for a designer on Fiverr.

Stage 3 would be to add alternative shoes. So if somebody uploads shoes and the site says they're rubbish, they should get a list of alternative shoes. The nice thing here is that this would also allow the site to be monetised, without putting adverts all over the site.

Stage 4 would be to add in some sort of wisdom of crowds type of thing so that people could rate other peoples' shoes. What I like about this idea is that it should improve the site's returning visitor % as people come to see if their shoes have been rated.

So what do you think? Did I waste $10 on buying this domain, or could it be a huge success story?

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