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What's Your DA [Domain Authority]? Please Share Your Site DA Scores! Register Here

Posted by BrettB
Registered User
31 Jul 2017 16:10

Hey everyone,

In this thread we can share our site DA scores. If you don't know what that is, DA is your site's Domain Authority.

You can get the score for free at

Let's see who has the highest score!

Niche Laboratory is around 3 years old and has a DA of 36.

My current employer's website is 18 (!) years old and has some amazing backlinks for a small company with only 12 employees. Its DA is 64.

I think that if a site has over 30 then it's a good thing and you should be able to get some good traffic from Google if you write good content!

Probably if your site is over 50 then you can make good money if your niche is good and you monetise it properly.

By the way, DA can be big on sites like blogger/blogspot. It doesn't necessarily mean your blog is amazing. However, I have consistently been able to get good traffic to blogger blogs. So maybe DA is a really good signal of how good your site is after all.

So post your DA scores in this thread. Remember to tell us how old your site is and the vague niche (e.g. shopping, tech). Post your URL if you don't care about competitors.

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