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Is Google Still Sandboxing New Sites? If So For How Long? Register Here

Posted by BrettB
Registered User
08 Mar 2018 04:10

Anyone know if Google is still sandboxing sites?

I started a blog back in January... 2 months later it still hasn't got any traffic from Google.

If you're interested, here's the URL:

What have I done wrong? Anything? Or does Google now automatically sandbox all new blogspot domains (especially if they're not using custom domains).

Or have I chosen a tough niche (teaching English overseas; TEFL).

Or did I put in some initial links too rapidly?

Or are some topics sandboxed for a lot longer than others?

Or have I screwed up the robots indexing (lol)?

I'm not sure that I'm being penalised for low quality content. Everything I've written is original and they're aren't too many people that can actually blog about being a teacher in China. There are so few of us!

Just for reference I recently started a new forum and it got traffic after 7 days. My new NicheLaboratory.TV YouTube channel is also getting search traffic.

Anyway, if you have any ideas of why I'm in the sandbox then please post a reply. By the way did you know that I'm giving away Niche Laboratory Pro Platinum Membership plans to the most active posters on the forum here? Just register for this site, download the software and start researching niches.

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