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WP RSS Feed Plugin (With Images)? Register Here

Posted by BrettB
Registered User
25 Jul 2017 11:55


I am looking for a Wordpress plugin that allows you to add an RSS feed to a site. The main requirement is that is has to allow the display of images. Has anyone found such a thing? Basically I'd like to be able to show a list of products from my store on my blog.

Is this possible or do I need to roll up my sleeves and code something myself?

Maybe XML would be a better option than RSS as well.

Hmm, do I see a plugin writing opportunity here?

Posted by alexanderbiscajin
Registered User
16 Nov 2017 22:11

WP RSS Aggregator is the most efficient plugin. It provides you benefit in terms of aggregating as many RSS feeds from several sources. I have also seen a list of best WordPress RSS Feed plugins.

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