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Posted by BrettB
Registered User
17 Feb 2019 13:53

A little success story for my new SEO tool Blog Spy.

I wrote this cool little utility to help us to spy on our competitors.

Anyway, I ran it one of my my neglected niche sites and I found a few minutes to go and visit some of the sites that were ranking for similar keywords to my own site.

I can't say I found anything particularly amazing. However, I did find a new competitor. Their site looked amazing, but their content was just the usual generic stuff written by somebody who obviously has no actual experience of this niche.

One cool think I noticed - oh man their theme looked stunning! And what's better is that the theme has a free version. So now I've just added the theme to one of my micro niche blogs.

Anyway, although I'm not revealing my niche site, I can tell you that the Wordpress Theme I'm excited about is called Hitmag, and you can find it here. The theme is described as ... a stylish and powerful theme crafted for magazines, newspapers or personal blogs.

I'm certainly impressed with how clean it looks, and also it seems to load pretty fast. Just don't fill it up with slow loading plug-ins, eh?

I will probably take ColorMag off my niche blogs because this Theme has really disappointed me. It has a lot of features (and is also free) but I think it looks dated and I'm not that impressed with my user browser experience stats.

My other tip is that if you use it then change the default option so that the side menu is on the left side. Just like I've done with the Niche Laboratory website. You'll thank me for this tip because as this study shows, it does lead to higher conversions.

If you know of any more (ideally free) themes we should know about, then post your ideas here.

I did also look into AMP themes, but it seems its still early days for these, so I'm not quite ready to convert any of my niche sites to this quick loading alternative technology.

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