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What is the Niche Laboratory?

The Niche Laboratory is a FREE online research tool that can help you discover topics and niches.

To get started, simply type your keywords into the box above then click on the Get Niche Ideas button. After a minute or two the Niche Laboratory will then generate you a report with a lot of useful information about your keywords. You can use this report to give you ideas when brainstorming a new micro-niche site, or even help you with your homework assignments.

Each Niche Laboratory report contains a number of useful items:

  • An executive overview of that niche (only available in major niches like weight loss or famous people, places and stuff).
  • LSI inspired keywords and phrases associated with that topic. We now have over 15 sources of keyword data!
  • A word cloud which gives a visual representation of which words are most important in that topic.
  • A list of the top 10 ranking websites for that topic.
  • The page HTML title tags of the top 10 ranking websites.
  • Meta description and keyword tags from the top 10 ranking websites.
  • A Website Competition Matrix table which shows how easy it could be to rank for the keywords, based on how much SEO has been done by the current top 10 ranking sites, plus how much Social Network activity they've attracted for their content.
  • A list of some Amazon and AliExpress products that people might be interested in regarding this topic. Amazon and AliExpress products are a great way to monetize websites in certain niches. If you're specifically interested in adding featured products to your blog or drop shipping site then check out the Product Laboratory.
  • Links to a few discussion forums that may be relevant to that topic. Forums are a great place to get traffic to your niche site, and you could of course start your own forum.
  • Google News articles associated with the topic. News articles are a great way to make your site more current.
  • A list of keywords and key phrases associated with the topic that may be copied and pasted into other keyword and SEO tools.
  • A list of key influencers in that niche (Twitter and Instagram accounts). Check out what these people are doing in your niche. Also reach out to them to get more followers for your own site(s). These people are super important! The Niche Laboratory once featured on a popular SEO blog and its traffic quadrupled!

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There's also a free SEO/niche research/make money forum here. Check it out for some ideas I've found in my 20 years of making money from websites! I also dump some good niche ideas here from time to time.

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Source: {{Information.AbstractSource}}

See also:


Below are some keyword phrases associated with your niche. Get more keyword phrases when you register.

  • {{phrase}}


Niche Related Words


These are some of the major words associated with your niche. The most relevant words are listed first. Get more words listed here when you register.


These forums are supplied courtesy of the forum directory.

Forum Members Topics Posts

{{forum.Name}} - {{forum.Domain}}


{{forum.NumberOfMembers | number}} {{forum.NumberOfTopics | number}} {{forum.NumberOfPosts | number}}


Product Category
{{product.Name}} {{product.Category}}


AliExpress is an alternative to Amazon. It ships to more destinations, and has lower prices. If you want to start your own ecommerce or drop shipping store it's also a good place to begin the search for products and wholesale suppliers.

Product Price Customer Rating
{{product.Name}} ${{product.Price | number:2}}


Take a look at the word cloud below to discover more niches that may be closely related to your niche. If you already run a website in a specific niche then you'll usually find it much easier to enter related niches. For example if you already have a website about cat toys, then you could create a spin-off business about dog or hamster toys.


These are some URLs that already rank well for your keyword.

ID URL Domain InTitle InURL
{{serp.ID}} {{serp.Title}} {{serp.Domain}} YesNo YesNo

This table shows the competition matrix for your niche keyword. More green boxes mean your keyword could be easier to rank for. More red boxes indicate there could be a lot more SEO being done in this niche.


The keyword appears in the URL's domain name.
The keyword appears in the URL.


Here are some news stories relating to your keywords. The news stories have been sourced from Google News. Current stories often make great ideas for blog articles or videos. To get a steady stream of similar new content as inspiration, use your keywords to set up some Google Alerts.

ID Story Source
{{newsStory.ID}} {{newsStory.Title}}


These user accounts could be really influential in your niche. Reach out to these users to potentially get some great publicity for your site. Get access to a longer list of the very best influencers when you register.

Twitter Accounts

Instagram Accounts


Here are some additional resources found for your niche.


Below are some article suggestions for your blog or website.

You might need to tweak some of the titles depending on whether you enter a singular or plural niche idea. Also bear in mind some of the ideas it comes up with might be total rubbish for your niche. If you need even more headlines, then here's a standalone blog title generator service.

  • {{headline}}


Here are some ways to monetise your niche website or blog.

Online Courses

These courses could be really useful for your website visitors! So join Udemy's affiliate scheme to make money from recommending these courses. Alternatively why not make your own online course?


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