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Niche Laboratory Sample Niches

Check out these sample niches that have already been researched for you.

  1. Make Money Online (a hugely popular niche)
  2. Weight Loss (still one of the most popular niches there is)
  3. SEO (probably done to death but it is an ever changing niche)
  4. Web Development (I've been in this niche for 20 years and banked some good coin)
  5. How to be Confident (self improvement is a great niche with lots of courses to sell)
  6. Paleo Diet (Paleo is the new Atkins)
  7. Online Marketing (there are still trillions of dollars to be made from online marketing)
  8. Halter Neck Dresses (the clothes niche is still full of awesome microniches that are easy to rank for)
  9. Star Wars Lego (I've had a life-long addiction to Lego)
  10. Cat Toys (cats is imho a better source of microniche ideas than are dogs)
  11. Teach English (the TEFL niche is pretty huge these days)
  12. Gadget Insurance (one of my sample niches from the earliest days of the Niche Laboratory)
  13. Shoes (I'm testing this niche with a site here)

Sample Niche Popularity

Which of the above niches are the easiest to get ranked? The chart below may give you some clues. More traffic = easier to rank in this niche!


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