Free Blog Title Generator - Generate Cool Article Ideas For Your Blog or Website

Stuck for ideas? Use this free Blog Title Generator to come up with some catchy clickbait blog titles and ideas for your niche. To use the Blog Title Generator, just type in your keyword or niche topic into the text box below and click on the Get Titles button. It works better with nouns (e.g. dog toys, hamster wheels). You might need to tweak some of the titles depending on whether you enter a singular or plural niche idea. Also bear in mind some of the ideas it comes up with might be total rubbish for your niche. If you need even more headlines, then just click the button again.

Need even more ideas? The Niche Laboratory free keywords search tool can research your niche for you. If you want some product ideas for your store or Amazon affiliate site, then check out the Product Laboratory.




Blog Title Generator Tips

Here are some tips for making the most with the headlines you can generate using this free service.

What to Include in a Great Headline

When writing your headlines, try to incorporate these features:

  • People love numbers. So including numbers in your headlines is a good tip. For some reason, unusual odd numbers work well, e.g. 27 Keyword Tools for Micro Niche Research.
  • Make sure your headline matches your article or you will be penalised by both search engines and real users.
  • Negative wording can work well. Play on our insecurities, e.g. Are Your Clickbait Blog Headlines Losing You Traffic?.
  • Use interesting adjectives to describe your niche.
  • Good headlines aren't necessarily long. Try to keep them short and sweet.
  • Don't get carried away by your creativity. Remember to include your keyword in the headline!

Finally, remember to spend a little more time on coming up with an awesome title for your post. It can make all the difference.

ClickBait - Beware of the Dangers

While using clickbait headlines can draw in visitors, just remember not to mislead them. Facebook had a problem with a lot of clickbait headlines appearing on peoples' news feeds. The result was that it demoted these stories and they've ended up being a victim of their own success.

Two things can annoy your website visitors:

  1. Writing half a headline, e.g. This Lady Put Her Head in the Lion's Mouth, Then This Happened... of course the person is going to click through to your article just to find out the end of the story. This can work really well (too well in the case of Facebook) but if you don't show the user an instant answer to what happened, then you'll just annoy them. I know that when I clicked on clickbait that disappointed me I clicked on the hide this site option. Of course Facebook and other companies will use precisely this kind of data to work out what their users like.
  2. Whatever your headline, make sure you deliver on your promise! For example, how annoying would it be to click on a link for a clickbait headline generator, only to discover that there was no actual headline generator? Don't mislead either - if you say in your title that something is free, then make sure it really is free. I had this trouble recently when I wanted some software for creating YouTube videos!

Give Your Site a Makeover!

Remember that as well as using this tool to create headlines for new articles, you could retro-fit new titles to old posts. It's generally much easier to improve the rankings of an existing article, than to rank a brand new article.

Test Your Headlines

If you have a system in place for A/B testing then test your headlines! Companies like Amazon and Google make thousands of little changes and test absolutely everything. If you have enough traffic to do so, then try it out.

If you use Google Search Console or Analytics then remember that you can see your pages' click-through rates in your Search Console data.

Read Marketing Blogs

The art of successful headline writing is a subtle one. So read plenty of marketing blogs for ideas of how to create that perfect headline. Here's a nice article about writing headlines that aren't boring. This article promises the formula for the perfect headline.