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How much content do you need on an e-commerce product page? Register Here

Posted by Anon
Forum Visitor
01 Aug 2017 16:44

As the title says, how much content do you need on e-commerce site pages?

Posted by BrettB
Registered User
01 Aug 2017 19:02

Hi anon,

I've started experimenting with e-commerce stores this year.

In general I've found that in shopping niches you DON'T actually need that much content on your pages in order to rank well.

Google is pretty smart these days and must have figured out that good quality e-commerce stores don't actually have that much content on them.

So how much content do you actually need?

More than your competitors have!

That seems to be the trick.

I've found that in general, small e-commerce sites don't tend to have that much content. Especially if they are selling generic products they've just bought from a wholesaler.

Many sites just use the stock photos the wholesaler provides. In many cases they just use very limited text as well. Maybe they have one paragraph about the product, maybe not even that.

We CAN do better than that!

The more you can write about a product the better.

By all means ask for reviews from your customers as well. However it's quite hard to actually get these, especially if your site is small. And let's be honest, reviewers aren't necessarily going to use keywords you want to rank for anyway.

What I've also found from my limited recent e-commerce experiments is that the end user likes CHOICE. So on your product page make sure you put effort into showing related products. This also increases the number of keywords on a particular page.

In particular, tablet users like lots of photos to scroll through and maybe click on. Amazon and AliExpress use this to good effect on their related products scrollers.

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