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Amazon Products Pulled From Niche Laboratory + Product Laboratory Register Here

Posted by BrettB
Registered User
14 Feb 2019 18:38

Late last year, I got this email from Amazon:

Hello xxxxxxxx,

We're writing to inform you that your website is not generating any referring sales to Amazon from your Product Advertising API (PA API) links. Regularly referring sales through your PA API links is a requirement for maintaining access to the API. In order for you to retain access to PA API, you must generate referring sales before xx/xx/xxxx, otherwise your access to PA API may be removed.

Please make sure that your referring sales through PA API are attributed correctly by checking for the following:

You are using the links provided by PA API when linking back to Amazon.
Your associates account and PA API account use the same Amazon account (i.e., email address).
You are passing your associates tag in all your requests to PA API.

For other frequently asked questions, please visit the Associates Help Page. You can also download the link code report from Affiliate Reports Page to check your PA API sales.

Amazon Associates Program

As a result I've had to pull the Amazon product listings from both Niche Laboratory (Lite and Pro) and the Product Laboratory online service.

It's a reminder that I've put a hell of a lot of work into making this website. If you want to show your appreciation then please do buy my Niche Laboratory Pro + Blog Spy SEO Tools Bundle which is currently priced at just $17.

The good news is that all my tools are still pulling data from AliExpress so you can see a whole load of products related to your niche. Also the Amazon API was only a small part of the overall functionality of my tools. Remember not to put all of your eggs in the Amazon Associates basket or you could also wake up and find you have a similar email in your inbox...

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