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Posted by BrettB
Registered User
10 Aug 2017 11:41

Here's a nice article about finding some different keywords that you don't see time and time again from the usual keyword tools. It's really good because if you follow the tips then you can find keywords you've never seen before.

I wish I had had this back in 2011 because when I was building dating advice type blogs I just kept finding the same Google Keyword Tool keyword suggestions regardless of what keyword tool I was using.

Anyway, I've put the article's suggestions to the test and some ideas have been better than others.

Google Correlate - meh. I'm not a fan of this one.

Google Trends is quite good, but it tends to work on larger volume keywords only.

What has been freaking awesome is the suggestion to use the Google Keyword Planner but put a URL in instead of keyword phrases.

This is an amazing tip and I found a lot of new keywords using this suggestion!

It works really well if you put in the URL of a large, established site rather than your own newly established site. It seems to work by showing keywords a site is already ranking for.

For example I'd love to make Niche Laboratory as huge as Dream Team Money. So I put in their URL into the Keyword Planner and got hundreds, possibly thousands of keyword suggestions!

On the downside most of the suggestions were related to Bitcoin mining, trading and other things I don't know much about. It's a seriously good niche though. It's also nice to see the site letting the users dictate which area the site should focus on. I'd wager that it's easier to monetise the bitcoin niche than it is to monetise the seo/keyword research niche.

It's odd that some sites give way more suggestions than others. For example, I put Warrior Forum in and I only got 35 keyword suggestions. Well I guess this reflects what a sack of shit that site is these days.

This is probably a big clue in that the Dream Team Money site owner is smart and has gone where the money is. By comparison Warrior Forum hasn't had a good forum post since 2009.

So if you're looking for keywords then give the Google Keyword Planner a go with some URLs of your competitor sites.

My top tip: Check out the dead forums page that lists dead and dying forums. Put their URL in the keyword planner. Then reinvent their website for a more modern age.

By the way, Niche Laboratory doesn't get any keywords from Google, so you won't see the same keywords you'll see in so many other keyword tools.

Happy niche researching!

Posted by BrettB
Registered User
10 Aug 2017 12:15

The more I try out the Keyword Planner URL tip, the more I like it. This is a seriously good place to find keywords!

For example I just did a keyword search based on the URL and it came back with a massive 2479 keyword ideas!

There are some great keywords in all this data. It's also making me appreciate the Ad Groupings more as well. For example, for Niche Pursuits it's recommending tonnes of keywords relating to the selling of 2nd hand clothes online. Maybe this is a good niche!

Amazon affiliate/drop-shipping keyword ideas also feature prominently. This is also a pretty good niche with an abundance of ways of monetising this niche.

What's really nice about the URL mode is that if you download the keywords it will tell you which page of the site the keywords were extracted from. I see that there's a Niche Pursuits page about selling 2nd hand clothes - So as well as getting keywords you can also get ideas for how to write about them.

Posted by BrettB
Registered User
22 Feb 2018 03:57

38 more keyword tools for you - watch the video to find out more. There's a link to all of the tools in the video's description (get it on YouTube itself).

Remember to use more than one keyword tool, otherwise you'll quickly run out of keywords and have nothing to write about.

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Kelvin   06 June 2019

Been around since 2009 means you've had so much experience in this space. I'm really considering expanding into promoting products in other niches using paid ads but my limitation is that I don't know how to speak a second language.

I agree with you that low gravity shouldn't be a criterion for selecting products to promote as there are some uncompetitive products with very low gravity. I'll like to add some characteristics of products you shouldn't promote:

1. Clickbank products that have (external) ads on their sales page
2. Products with buy buttons that do not go to the Clickbank order page
3. Products that exaggerate their promises, especially financial promises. Promises like these will lead to high refund rates (most MMO products have refund rates over 20% in fact).
4. Unresponsive vendors. Before starting to promote a product, ALWAYS contact the vendor (ask for a review copy, or ask a question about the product, or just introduce yourself). If you get no reply within 48hours do NOT promote the product.

Recently, I came across a course created by Clickbank's current #1 affiliate that claims to teach people how to drive traffic to Clickbank offers using Facebook Ads. I've seen some good reviews and positive testimonies online about the course. Here's one

What do you think about the course?