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Make Money Teaching English Overseas Register Here

Posted by BrettB
Registered User
22 Jan 2019 17:24

OK so this isn't strictly passive income. However it does generally pay a lot better than messing around with websites.

I've made around $250 this month online... and $1550 from my teaching job. I'm not sure why I bother doing any online stuff anymore!

Anyway, I've started a personal YouTube to record my experiences living and teaching overseas as just another TEFL teacher. Here's my first video:

I'll post more videos in this thread as I make them.

The nice thing about teaching overseas is that you generally have plenty of time to work on side-projects. And who knows, you might find a new hustle in your new country. Plenty of foreigners make good money exporting goods out of China back to their own countries for example. As you gain experience in the classroom you can also branch out and start teaching online too. This can pay pretty well and again it's easy cash in hand that's far easier to make than messing around with niche sites.

If you have any questions about teaching foreign languages to make money then post your comments in this thread. Oh, and please do LIKE my videos - it really helps me out!

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