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If You Didn't Already Know, Hostgator Now Offers Free SSL Certs (Shame on You GoDaddy!!!) Register Here

Posted by BrettB
Registered User
15 Feb 2019 17:42

I feel so stupid that I'm probably the last person on the planet who knows about this.

Anyway if you have a Hostgator web hosting account for your Wordpress blogs, phpBB forums (or other) sites then you are entitled to a FREE SSL certificate!

Don't get left behind - grab yours today. Here's the information you need.

As to, unfortunately it's on a GoDaddy Windows Shared Hosting plan and it's not possible to put a free Let's Encrypt SSL certificate on these sites.

I could of course buy one, but not enough of you have bought my products to allow that to happen :(. I've made a grand total of 0 sales so far this month, which questions why I bother with this place to be honest.

If I move the site elsewhere then I'll move one to a hosting company that supports free SSL certificates... Watch this space.

I have at least moved the Niche Laboratory Blog to SSL... It wasn't actually that easy as neither Wordpress plugin Hostgator recommended worked so I had to manually edit my .htaccess file and add the following two lines:

RewriteCond %{HTTPS} !=on
RewriteRule ^.*$ https://%{SERVER_NAME}%{REQUEST_URI} [R,L]

I await to see if I get any traffic boost from enforcing SSL.

Oh, and remember to change your Google Search Console and Analytics to use https - here's some instructions from Really Simple SSL but mind you don't bother with their plugin as I couldn't get it to work.

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Kelvin   06 June 2019

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1. Clickbank products that have (external) ads on their sales page
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3. Products that exaggerate their promises, especially financial promises. Promises like these will lead to high refund rates (most MMO products have refund rates over 20% in fact).
4. Unresponsive vendors. Before starting to promote a product, ALWAYS contact the vendor (ask for a review copy, or ask a question about the product, or just introduce yourself). If you get no reply within 48hours do NOT promote the product.

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What do you think about the course?