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Tried to buy some bitcoins.. Man I'm not impressed with bitcoin wallets/exchanges Register Here

Posted by BrettB
Registered User
30 Dec 2017 17:20

So for some reason I find myself living in Asia. I'm making decent coin here teaching English.

In fact I have banked $3081.82 since I've been here, and I've only been here for 3 months.

Unfortunately it's not that easy to send money from this country back to Western countries. So I had a look at the bitcoin route. Well it turns out that bitcoin trading has been effectively banned here, so I was pretty much wasting my time.

It's a damn shame because I'd love to gain a bit of experience in cryptos.

Anyway, from what I saw from signing up to a couple of bitcoin sites kind of scared me. Both of the sites I signed up to had flaky holes in their signup routines. As a software developer, I notice these things. And the site with a list of bitcoin exchanges I used casually mentioned that 3 of the exchanges had been hacked and money had been lost. Yikes!

Thankfully if my plan had legs then I would only have been a very short term holder of bitcoins. But even so,

Next week I'll go down the sensible route of trying to set up an international bank transfer, then investing my $3081.82 in high yielding stocks and property mutual funds.

If you're getting into cryptos then be careful. And read this wonderful article from zerohedge. A crypto bubble? Almost certainly.

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