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Posted by BrettB
Registered User
04 Aug 2017 09:25

OK so I found another keyword tool, it's at

Give it a go and report back here if you found it useful.

It's certainly fast and for some keywords it gives plenty of suggestions. Right now it's also free as well. Hopefully that will continue!

I am quite envious of how fast it is. However, I'll point out that Niche Laboratory uses up to 25 different data sources every time you run a job, so it has quite a bit of legwork to go and fetch all that 3rd party data!

On the downside I didn't get much of a variety of new keyword ideas. If you search for red widgets then you'll mostly get phrases relating to red widgets. Most of the phrases have really low volume as well.

Even worse, I put in a keyword with a 33000 search volume and it didn't find any other keywords for me. Not a single one!!!

I think the Niche Laboratory is still better at exploring a particular niche. Also once your site starts to take off then the Google Webmaster Tools/Search Console is great. Only today I found a keyword relating to a product that I don't have on my site. Needless to say I am definitely going to add that product to my new store!

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