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You Want Examples of Awesome Micro Niche Sites? Here's Some I Found! Register Here

Posted by BrettB
Registered User
14 Feb 2019 19:07

One thing I find you guys like is examples of REAL micro niche sites.

Spencer from Niche Pursuits and Pat from Smart Passive Income kind of lead the way by revealing their own niche site URLs. Remember Pat's food van and security guard jobs sites? I think Spencer made a niche site about survival knives.

The nice thing about these big names in blogging revealing their sites is that we can get to see how they're making money from niche sites. The bad thing is that by publicising their URL's they effectively make it much easier for their sites to attract natural backlinks, which subsequently ruins the whole experiment.

Empire Flippers also reveal their sites although I was really unimpressed with their site quality. A few years ago it was obvious their outsourced writers weren't the highest quality around. However, I will point out that they have changed their business model somewhat. Now they're more of a Flippa alternative and act as a broker for 3rd party sites made by others.

Anyway, I've found a new source of really nice looking micro niche sites. You need to look on Brand Builders and see what sites they've got for sale. The good news is that their sites are kick ass fantastic. They look great (nice theme) and the written content is excellent.

So what's the bad news?

They sell out of niche sites really quickly!!!

Today they only have two sites listed, and Yesterday they had a lot more but they just did a big promotion on the Long Tail Pro mailing list.

Both the laminators and car accessories niche sites look good but yesterday they also had this one for sale:

They must have just sold this site (for $1195 I believe) because it's no longer listed on their site. Anyway, this is a fabulous looking site in the cat bed/trees niche. If you want to make a niche site then this is the sort of standard you need to aim for. The copy is great and so are the images. Also the theme is nice and crisp and there aren't banners ads or annoying distractions on there like there are on (lol).

So what do YOU think of these sites? And do you know of any other nice little niche sites?

Posted by BrettB
Registered User
14 Feb 2019 19:51

Here's another nice niche site:

What I like about this site is that it skillfully disguises the affiliate store nature of the site. It's a great example of how to monetise a site based around a particular hobby.

The main problem with this site is that I don't believe the owner is into this hobby himself. So he has to rely on outsourced content. His outsourced reviews on YouTube are pretty good, but again he is potentially at a huge disadvantage in that he can't use his own photos and video content on his site.

Incidentally, this site is an example of one bought from Empire Flippers and then improved to boost the earnings (case study here).

As to my own sites, I've always had more luck with sites in niches in which I am actively involved. I did have a bounce house site for a while, but I just didn't have enough particular experience of that niche to be able to grow the site into a major authority site.

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