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Twitter is a Waste of Time Register Here

Posted by BrettB
Registered User
10 Aug 2017 11:39

This week I've been on a bit of a tweeting rampage. I've tweeted loads of times to try and see if I can get some more traffic to Niche Laboratory from social sources.

And the result?

Nada. Not a freaking single referral!

So maybe I should just uninstall the app and spend more time playing Pokemon Go instead.

And what about getting noticed by the big hitters in our niche?

Again, not much is happening here.

So I recommend you ditch Twitter.

Maybe this is obvious advice given how the Twitter share price has been floundering compared to Facebook or Google.

Facebook is pretty good and I'm starting to see results there. If I knew how to advertise on FB then I'm sure I'd love it even more.

Well if you disagree with me then leave a reply below.

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