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VPN Services

When using a keyword research tool like Niche Laboratory Pro or Keyword Researcher Pro I recommend you use a VPN provider.


VPN providers give you two benefits when carrying out keyword research:

  1. You can avoid potential bans from Google or other 3rd parties. This is especially important if you're reliant on services from these companies.
  2. You can log onto a VPN network based in another country. This allows you to do keyword research for a specific market (such as the United States).

Other Benefits

If you like downloading movies, torrents or other warez then a VPN can potentially disguise your online activities.

VPNs can be used to access content that is geo-blocked in your country. For example, I am a digital nomad living in Asia. I use a VPN to gain access to certain websites that will only work in the UK, like cashback sites. I also use it to gain access to sites that are routinely blocked in China, such as YouTube, GMail, Twitter and Facebook.

VPNs give you an additional layer of network security.


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