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FindAForum... Now With SEO Data From Moz Register Here

Posted by BrettB
Registered User
22 Mar 2018 02:40

Hi guys,

Here's news of another Niche Laboratory update you're gonna love. But this one's actually over at the sister site

Now if you view a forum's details page on FindAForum you'll see some SEO data from []Moz[/url].

The nice thing is you can now see a forum's MozRank. This is kind of like the old Google PageRank thing that is now a closely guarded secret. So far I've found that the best rank of a forum on FindAForum is just over 7/10. This is pretty good for just a forum. In fact a lot of the forums on the site have pretty good MozRanks.

Generally if your site has a MozRank of over 4.0 then you'll find it fairly easy to rank for any keyword in your niche, well except if your niche is God Level tough. But even here you should still be able to rank for long tail keywords you've found through Niche Laboratory or other keyword tools.

You can also see the number of backlinks a forum has. The key metric here is Moz's Equity Links. These are links from good (i.e. not spammy) domains.

Back to MozRank...

From what I can tell the forums with the highest MozRank (i.e. PageRank) are those in the IT niche. I guess they're technical support type forums and people link to these a lot more than they would to other forums. Something to bear in mind if you're thinking of starting your own forum and want to attract natural backlinks.

I've only been using Moz for one day but the API has impressed me. Well apart from the Page Authority and Domain Authority values not being available when the documentation says they should be. Grrrr.

Well gremlins aside I would say it's fairly obvious that this data will be finding itself into a future version of Niche Laboratory. However Moz data is quite expensive for me to access so it will only be available in Platinum versions of Niche Laboratory Pro. To get this you need to buy the full version or accumulate enough Niche Laboratory Points in your account.

Also stay tuned for a future update of Niche Laboratory that will help you find EXPIRED DOMAINS.

Hmmm, I realise this is a gigantic niche within the niche site building niche.

If you're specifically interested in finding expired domains then post a reply here and tell me how Niche Laboratory could help you in your search for great expired domains.

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