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Which website niche makes the most money? Register Here

Posted by MrCroissantTaker
Registered User
06 Mar 2018 19:15

Which niche makes the most money? What niche would you advise we should go into based on profitability and highest paying ads?

Posted by BrettB
Registered User
06 Mar 2018 19:47

It depends what you're definining as makes the most money.

I'm not sure which niche makes the most money if you're just talking about the amount you can make per advert click.

When I started building niche sites a lot of newbies were looking for the highest click value niches. At the time these were things like forex trading.

The thing is that traffic is really hard to get in these niches. So while $8 click values might seem good, you won't actually get very many of them.

My own personal experience has been that easy high traffic niches are just so much more fun to work with.

They say a picture paints a thousand words, so hopefully the traffic chart below will illustrate my point.

This picture show the traffic charts for two of my niche sites since I started them in 2011 and 2012:

These two sites are in completely different niches.

The top chart is from a site in the accountancy/finance niche. As you can see the traffic started off pretty well. I saw targeting lucrative keywords in the accountancy niche. I got some really good click values from the ads on this site. Then Google started cracking down on niche sites, especially those in more lucrative niche. My site's traffic got smashed down from 500 users a month to almost nothing!

By contrast, the second chart shows a site I started a year later in a different niche. This one is a travel niche. It's not too hard a niche to do well in, although advert CPC values are a lot lower than they are in the accountancy niche.

As you can see this second site has done really well. It did initially get penalised by Google. But I cleaned off all the low quality content and added a few longer posts. This really worked as the site just gets stronger year after year.

This second site has had a record of 2000 users a month, which is four times as many as my accountancy site got at its own peak.

The funny thing is that I did the math and both sites were earning about the same amount of money from advertising. Niche 1 had much bigger click values, but niche 2 had more traffic PLUS a much higher clickthrough rate (CTR).

In fact I compared most of my niches I was in and I found out I was making much the same from all of them! Again tougher niches had higher ad values, but lower CTR and less website traffic.

I now have a clear preference for niches that are easy to get traffic in. It's nice having more site visitors. It means that you're more likely to get interaction with users. So you'll get more comments, people will vote more in polls and generally you'll feel like you're more successful. At the end of the day I always like to feel like my sites are successful, which encourages me to write more content.

So I will say that you're better off sticking with easy niches. Even if advertising CPA or CPM values are low, you should make things up on the volume of traffic you will get.

Well if you have any other ideas, then register and post a comment. Remember I am giving away the full version of Niche Laboratory Pro for anyone who posts a certain number of forum posts/threads here!!!

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