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Affiliate Networks

Want to put ads on your site? Affiliate networks allow you to choose offers from a wide range of vendors in many different niches. They can be a good option if you don't want to establish direct affiliate relationships with vendors. They also tend to have good reporting tools so you can work out which offers convert, and where from.

If you already have traffic on your site then you should consider using an affiliate network to monetise your site. Always have several monetisation options for your site(s) in case of unforseen catastrophes. It's good planning, and will keep your income rolling in even after a disaster.

One of the most popular affiliate networks for smaller website operators is Peerfly. They have over 2000 offers in many niches, including travel, dating and make money online/bizopps. Many of their offers are of the CPA type so you'll get paid if somebody buys something on the vendor's site after clicking through the link from your site.

The following affiliate networks are reviewed here:

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