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Frequently Asked Questions

What Does It Do?

The Niche Laboratory takes any keyword or phrase and creates a report based on that keyword. The reports can be used for all kinds of purposes, including research, homework, report writing and of course SEO.

You'll find it particularly useful if you build mini-niche sites, like my little site about mobile phone insurance that is described in the case study.

Click on the Sample Reports link at the top of this page to see some example reports for a selection of other niches.

Niche Laboratory Reports

No Keywords Are Listed in the Report!

Don't Panic! One possible reason is that you're researching a sexy niche without ticking the the Include adult ideas checkbox. There may also be a general internet outage, so please try again later.

I Don't See Any Forums Related to My Niche

Forum data is supplied by FindAForum.Net. If you don't see many relevant forums for a particular keyword then there are a number of possibilities:

  1. You're searching for an adult related keyword. FindAForum doesn't catalog forums with an overly adult theme.
  2. FindAForum lists over 1300 forums, but it's possible the site has overlooked certain niches.
  3. It's quite possible that not all niches have any relevant forums. Congratulations - you might be able to gain a huge, first-mover advantage by starting a new forum in that niche!
  4. Some keywords have a very broad appeal, so you'll find forums appearing in all kinds of topics.
  5. A few forums have randomly branched out into other topics that aren't strictly related to their domain name or title.
  6. Some forum owners and moderators are better at keeping their forum posters on topic than others!

Can I Use the Photos in the Reports?

The images shown in the Niche Laboratory reports may be copyrighted. They are intended to give you ideas about a particular niche, as well as the types of images you need to add to your own sites or articles relating to that niche. I am not responsible for any consequences arising from the use of these images.

If you want some images to use on your own sites, then the best thing to do is to take your own images! However, if that's not practical, then search for royalty free images, or images you can use with attribution. For a good source of images you may be able to use, check out deviantART or Flickr.

Does LSI Actually Work?

YES! I used LSI techniques to write some articles for a niche website I was working on back in 2011. I was quite an expert in that particular niche, but when using another LSI tool I found a keyword I hadn't thought of before. So I put this new keyword in one of my articles... a few weeks later I got a visitor to my niche site that had searched for a phrase containing that actual keyword! So by using LSI techniques to widen the scope of my articles, I actually got more visitors to my website.

You'll also find that the Niche Laboratory will show you words or phrases that you might simply never think of. For example, there are many differences between American English and British English. We Brits don't talk about Bounce Houses - we call them Bouncy Castles. And we call Jump Ropes by the name of Skipping Ropes. If you were to add these words to a niche site about kid's toys, then you might find you pick up a lot more traffic from the UK (a market that is just as lucrative for online advertisers as is the USA).


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