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Welcome to Niche Laboratory

On this site we have a suite of different SEO and Research Tools that will help you to grow your online business in 2024.

Find niche keywords, find micro niches, get blog post titles and more with our online utilities. We're also giving away FREE "dofollow" links - just comment on any page on this site. Backlinks will help you to grow your traffic faster than posting new blog posts will.

What is the Niche Laboratory?

The Niche Laboratory is a keyword finding research tool and LSI keywords generator that can help you discover topics and niches for your niche website.

Use the free website version by typing your keywords into the box at the top of this page then click on the Run Niche Laboratory Lite button. After a minute or two the Niche Laboratory will then generate you a report with a lot of useful information about your keywords. You can use this report to give you ideas when brainstorming a new micro-niche site, or even help you with your homework assignments.

To find even more long tail keyword suggestions and other marketing opportunities, download Niche Laboratory Pro for Microsoft Windows PCs.

To analyse your competitor blogs and see which ones you could easily outrank, download Blog Spy for Microsoft Windows PCs.

To find out which keywords you might actually be able to rank for, download Keyword Research Tool for Microsoft Windows PCs.

Each Niche Laboratory Lite report contains a number of useful items:

  • An executive overview of that niche (only available in major niches like weight loss or famous people, places and stuff).
  • A list of suggested LSI inspired keywords and phrases associated with that topic. We now have over 15 sources of keyword data!
  • A word cloud which gives a visual representation of which words are most important in that topic.
  • A list of the top 10 ranking websites for that topic.
  • The page HTML title tags of the top 10 ranking websites.
  • Meta description and keyword tags from the top 10 ranking websites.
  • A Website Competition Matrix table which shows how easy it could be to rank for the keywords, based on how much SEO has been done by the current top 10 ranking sites, plus how much Social Network activity they've attracted for their content. If you want to do a deep dive into analysing your competitors in the blogging space, then check out Niche Laboratory sister product Blog Spy.
  • A list of some AliExpress products that people might be interested in regarding this topic. Amazon and AliExpress products are a great way to monetize websites in certain niches. If you're specifically interested in adding featured products to your blog or drop shipping site then check out our Product Laboratory and the Physical Niche Finder online brainstorming services. We also have a directory of e-commerce stores at FindAStore.Net.
  • Links to a few discussion forums that may be relevant to that topic, as supplied by our popular sister site FindAForum.Net. Forums are a great place to get traffic to your niche site, and you could of course start your own forum.
  • Links to a few related blogs that can give you an idea of what you can blog about in that niche. To find even more niche blogs, try our sister site FindABlog.Net.
  • Google News articles associated with the topic. News articles are a great way to make your site more current.
  • A list of keywords and key phrases associated with the topic that may be copied and pasted into other keyword and SEO tools.
  • A list of key influencers in that niche (Twitter and Instagram accounts). Check out what these people are doing in your niche. Also reach out to them to get more followers for your own site(s). These people are super important! The Niche Laboratory website once featured on a popular SEO blog and its traffic quadrupled as a result!

The whole Niche Laboratory Report is a really overview of whatever micro niche you're researching. It's particularly useful if you want to research a niche and find ideas for things to blog about. When using Niche Laboratory myself, I've never run out of article ideas!

Download the Niche Laboratory Pro keyword finder software for Microsoft Windows to gain access to valuable additional features:

  • Make HTML versions of reports which you can save and refer back to as your niche website grows and needs more content.
  • Put in an http:// or https:// URL into the tool and get keywords for your own or from your competitors' sites. Find hidden niches your competitors know about, and check that your own site's content is strongly niche focused or totally lacking in direction! Watch me analyse the site for internet marketing opportunities in this demo video on YouTube.
  • The Niche Laboratory Pro software uses parallel processing to source top quality long tail keyword phrases from many external data sources. Pretty much ALL of the keywords it finds are real search terms that people are searching for every day.
  • The keyword finding routines also contain algorithms to assess the likely competiton you'll face for each long tail keyword suggestion. There's also an easy to read at a glance niche finder competition report that shows you how easy it is likely to rank for specific topics within your niche. For example it shows that the SEO niche is very tough and competitive, yet email marketing looks to be a lot less competitive. Watch this video on NicheLaboratory.TV YouTube channel for a demonstration.
  • Special routines for finding high value keywords relating to reviews, scams and the costs of items in your niche.
  • Optional mode to search for NSFW keywords in adult niches.
  • Completely out of ideas? Niche Laboratory Pro will find a niche for you! Niche Laboratory Pro finds related blogs and news articles so you'll never run out of topical ideas to blog about or to mention in to your mailing list subscribers. You can also "steal" your competitors' ideas by seeing what they've recently been blogging about.
  • Use the links in the top menu bar to see a list of sample reports, or check out my YouTube channel to see me research some specific niches. Here's a video about a shopping niche, one for travel, and here's one for the dieting/fitness niche.

Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Need help finding your niche or more general advice on finding keywords for your blog or micro-niche site? Leave feedback on our Facebook page or send us a tweet.

We're also on YouTube - check out the Niche Laboratory.TV YouTube channel for tips on building and running profitable niche websites.

There's also a free SEO/niche research/make money forum here and our blog is here. Check them out for some ideas I've found in my 20 years of making money from websites! I also dump some good niche ideas on these from time to time.


Download Niche Laboratory Pro and this part of the report will also show you how popular your niche is with other bloggers. So you'll instantly know if you've found a niche of your own, or whether everybody else is blogging about it.



Source: {{Information.AbstractSource}}

See also:


The Niche Laboratory keyword finder system has found the following long-tail keywords for your niche. Make sure your niche website has content relating to these search terms. You might also uncover some interesting micro-niches you haven't previously considered.

Get more keyword phrases when you register. Get even more (and higher quality) keywords by downloading Niche Laboratory Pro.

  • {{phrase}}


Key Niche Related Words


These are some of the key words associated with your niche. The most relevant words are listed first.

Get more key words listed here when you register. Get even more niche key words by downloading Niche Laboratory Pro.


These forums are supplied courtesy of the forum directory.

Forum Members Topics Posts

{{forum.Name}} - {{forum.Domain}}


{{forum.NumberOfMembers | number}} {{forum.NumberOfTopics | number}} {{forum.NumberOfPosts | number}}


These blogs are supplied courtesy of - the Internet's biggest dedicated directory site of WordPress and Blogger blogs.

Blog Platform Allows Comments?

{{blog.Title}} - {{blog.URL}}


WordPress Blogger Yes No/Not Known


These stores are supplied courtesy of - a new directory site listing 1000's of Shopify and WooCommerce niche e-commerce and dropshipper stores.

Store Platform Number of Products

{{store.Title}} - {{store.URL}}


Shopify WooCommerce {{store.NumberOfProducts | number}}


These YouTube channels are supplied courtesy of - a new YouTube channel directory, niche identifier and SEO tool for YouTube channel owners.

Channel Video Views Subscribers



{{channel.YouTubeTotalViews | number}} {{channel.YouTubeTotalSubscribers | number}}


AliExpress is an alternative to Amazon. It showcases more products, ships to more destinations, and has lower prices. If you want to start your own niche ecommerce or drop shipping store it's also a good place to begin the search for products and wholesale suppliers.

AliExpress retailers generally don't write good product descriptions. If you find a good niche you can easily outrank them by writing good and detailed product descriptions. You can also do some extra research and find answers to the frequently asked questions people ask about a particular product. Get Keyword Researcher Pro to find 1000's of product related long tail phrases people are actively searching for in lucrative shopping niches.

Product Price Customer Rating
{{product.Name}} ${{product.Price | number:2}}


Take a look at the word cloud below to discover more niches that may be closely related to your niche. If you already run a website in a specific niche then you'll usually find it much easier to enter related niches. For example if you already have a website about cat toys, then you could create a spin-off business about dog or hamster toys.

Note that this report is based on historical data which stopped reporting after 2016. If you don't see many keywords listed in this report then congratulations - you might be in a brand new niche. New niches appear every day and if you can find them before too many people have a chance to establish a site then you have a real chance of establishing the ultimate authority site in that niche.


Estimate Of Niche Popularity

Estimated popularity score for your niche is {{Competitiveness}}% (0 = easy, 100 = very hard).

This niche is a less popular one with bloggers, so you could potentially do well in this niche.

This niche is fairly popular with bloggers. However, with good keyword research and a solid backlinking profile, you could do OK in this niche.

This niche is very popular with bloggers. You'll need to work hard to rank well in this niche.


Here are some news stories relating to your keywords. The news stories have been sourced from Google News. Current stories often make great ideas for blog articles or videos. To get a steady stream of similar new content as inspiration, use your keywords to set up some Google Alerts. Use these alerts to make the stories in your niche find you, instead of having to go out and search for them. Content curation is also a great idea if you run a newsletter or you're active on social media. Don't just create your own content - share cool stuff made by others.

ID Story Source
{{newsStory.ID}} {{newsStory.Title}}


These user accounts could be really influential in your niche. Reach out to these users to potentially get some great publicity for your site. To find more influencers check out our completely free YouTube channel directory at FindAChannel.Net. You can search by channel size which allows you to find up and coming influencers who will be much more happy about engaging with you. We also have a huge free directory of bloggers at FindABlog.Net.

Twitter Accounts

Instagram Accounts


Here are some additional resources found for your niche. If you download Niche Laboratory Pro then you can also run jobs based on URLs. This feature is great for finding out what keywords your competitors are trying to target. You might also find new niches you hadn't thought about. Competitor sites are also a great source of LSI keywords as they'll routinely use words and phrases relating to your niche you might never have considered.


Below are some article suggestions for your blog or website. Use the suggestions to write clickbait type articles that will get your prospective website visitors really excited about their niche. A small percentage increase in the CTR on your article titles in search results could lead to significant increases in traffic. It's an easy win as well, requiring little in the way of site changes.

You might need to tweak some of the titles depending on whether you enter a singular or plural niche idea. Also bear in mind some of the ideas it comes up with might be total rubbish for your niche. If you need even more headlines, then here's a standalone blog title generator service.

  • {{headline}}


Get exclusive niche building tips on the NicheLaboratory.TV YouTube Channel.

Your chosen niche is very competitive, so you should definitely watch the NicheLaboratory.TV YouTube Channel. Remember to register for Niche Laboratory and download Niche Laboratory Pro. You need all the help you can get in this tough niche!


Here are some ways to monetise your niche website, blog or other content.

Online Courses

These courses could be really useful for your website visitors! So join Udemy's affiliate scheme to make money from recommending these courses. Alternatively why not make your own online course?


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Brett @ Niche Laboratory   19 February 2019

Thanks for checking out Niche Laboratory Lite. Remember you can also download Niche Laboratory Pro for Windows PCs. The Windows version finds loads more keyword phrases and it has some extra features I couldn't squeeze into the web version.

Also check out Blog Spy - it's a great tool for checking out what your competitors are doing on their blogs.


Gary Shadle   27 March 2019

Very nice website. I like the way the tool delivers both keywords and keyword phrases as well as identifying competitors. I drive leads to local businesses; LSI keywords and relevancy are extremely important in my field of work. I am not niche-specific, so this tool really helps to find those words that I wouldn't think of otherwise. Big thanks to Niche Laboratory for this tool!


ToddlerSnack   17 June 2019

Thank you, Your service helps us a lot to rank and make more relevant contents to our website, thanks


josec ball   22 September 2019

wow nice tool, whenever I write any artcile I check niche lab first do some digging on the competitors and gather ideas for my next blog.


Stanley Davenport   05 December 2019

Hello; I really don't know what I am going to do with the data provided by your Niche Lab tool. Fact is I've been struggling for years to get some kind of online business. I've spent thousands of dollars and built a dozens websites or more and still can't seem to get past first or second base. I have literally a truck load of keywords and PDF documents and all the Guru related information you can think of still I don't understand what to do with the data.So I ope you don't mind the truthful answer to the question. Thanks.



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