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Niche Laboratory Insights

Niche Laboratory Insights gives you a little bit of information about what other users of the Niche Laboratory are working on.

I got this idea for this after visiting a financial data company who had built a major business around financial companies being more open to each other about what they were all doing. In the end, everyone has benefited from the extra information available.

Rest assured - if you use the Niche Laboratory to do your keyword research then your precise micro-niche idea will remain a secret! Insights only shows the general topics people are researching, and not the exact keywords. And don't worry about being too secretive if your chosen keywords are something like weight loss or forex trading - everybody already knows about these niches - you haven't stumbled across something brand new here!

Ultimately your aim is to grow your site large enough to withstand anyone else setting up identical sites in the same niche.

Want more insights? Then there's even more data here.

Popular Niche Categories

The chart below shows how many Niche Laboratory jobs have been categorised into each of the 12 top level DMOZ categories.

Incidentally, the top level DMOZ Categories are: Arts, Business, Computers, Games, Health, Home, Kids and Teens, News, Recreation, Reference, Regional, Science, Shopping, Society, Sport and World.

All of these categories should be self explanatory although I'll mention that DMOZ has tended to dump any sites that's aren't primarily written in English into the World category. What does this mean for you? It means that if you're fluent in languages other than English, then don't forget there's good money to be made by setting up non-English niche sites, as often there's a lot less competition in the search results for non-English queries!

Popular Niche Sub-Categories

The table below shows the niches that appear the most frequently in Niche Laboratory jobs. If you have any comments or questions about starting a micro-niche site or other type of website in a particular niche then get in touch on our Facebook page.

Niche Category
1. Software Internet Website Promotion
2. Internet Web Design and Development Authoring Online Tools
3. Music Styles By Decade 1980s
4. Health Alternative Herbs Accessories
5. Pets Theme Merchandise Reptiles and Amphibians
6. Clothing Casual T-Shirts
7. Consumer Goods and Services Sporting Goods Cycling Pedicab
8. Video Games Platform Mario Games Mario Kart Series
9. Home and Garden Cleaning
10. Religion and Spirituality Yoga Teachers and Centers United States
11. Marketing and Advertising Internet Marketing Consulting
12. Cooking Eggs Salads
13. Crafts Decorative Painting
14. Construction and Maintenance Building Types Modular Portable
15. Education Colleges and Universities College Life Weblogs
16. Business Services Signage Digital Content
17. Food Seasonings Spices
18. Law Services Law Practice Support Notaries
19. Conditions and Diseases Skin Disorders Poison Ivy
20. Financial Services Loans Payday Advance Services
21. People Training Sports Science Technology
22. Programming Languages PHP Scripts
23. Issues Environment Pollution Organizations
24. Sports Fitness Equipment
25. Technology Chemical Engineering Separation


Two DMOZ categories are excluded from this table: Regional and World. Regional is useful if you're interested in marketing a site in a particular region (e.g. Dentists in New York). World is mainly concerned with countries and non-English websites. Remember if you're a native speaker of a language other than English then it is often much easier to rank non-English websites in search engines like Google and Bing!

P.S. Remember to check back here from time to time as this list changes frequently.

Popular Product Categories

The chart below shows the most popular types of products that have been retrieved during Niche Laboratory jobs.


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