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SEO Tools To Help You Dominate Your Niche In 2024

Here's a few SEO tools you might like. If you find any more not listed here, then leave a comment below and tell us all about the coolest SEO tools that you use.

Keyword Tools

Keyword Researcher Pro

Use the Tool I use to find my keywords! As well as using the Niche Laboratory, I also use Keyword Researcher Pro a lot. This tool is really awesome for finding long tail keywords. For example, when researching ideas for articles to write for the Niche Laboratory website I found these two phrases using the tool: wordpress themes for niche websites and micro niche sites templates. I guess I should write an article called 10 Killer WordPress Templates for Your New Niche Website...

I made a video review of Keyword Researcher Pro for NicheLaboratory.TV - check it out:

One of the commenters on that video flamed me for only showing a small part of the entire application. They're absolutely right of course! I'm always in a tearing hurry to do everything, and that includes finding keywords! Well luckily Keyword Researcher Pro is super fast at finding keywords from Google. I didn't show its Amazon or YouTube keyword research modules. I didn't show any of the article writing features in the tool either. Maybe I should make use of those more, but I tend to write my articles directly into WordPress. Actually I'm writing this content directly into Visual Studio, which is a little crazy but not all sites use WordPress!

Goes to use Keyword Researcher Pro again...

Actually I must say that the keyword research tool for YouTube in this tool is really nice. The main Google one doesn't work because I have to use a VPN to access most sites and Keyword Researcher Pro doesn't seem to be fully functional if you're using one of those. Fortunately the YouTube keyword suggestion tool works which is great because I'd love to make more videos. The above review is my most popular video so far, even with all the stuff I forgot to talk about in the review!


AnswerThePublic is a good companion to the Niche Laboratory. It works great in some niches, less well in others.

This is another keyword tool I did a review of for NicheLaboratory.TV:

This video has got a few views and even better - two comments. I still haven't cracked how to get those upvotes though...

Well what can I say really? AnswerThePublic is pretty good. The Niche Laboratory blog's most popular article was inspired by a keyword I found on the tool, so I can definitely recommend it. As I said in the video, my main issue with AnswerThePublic is that it doesn't work at all in every niche. A bigger issue with it is that it recommends much the same keywords as you find elsewhere. This is why I like Niche Laboratory Pro because it will find those hidden ideas that you'll never find in most of the other keyword tools. Also Niche Laboratory Pro is better if you have plenty of traffic already and have already written about most of the main keywords in your niche.

Long Tail Pro

I’ve not actually used this one but it is the market leader. If you’re serious about building an authority site, or you’re tackling really competitive niches then you have to give it a go.

The great thing about Long Tail Pro is that it assesses the competition for each keyword. So you won't have to waste time writing about keywords and phrases you're never going to be able to rank for.

I should really try this tool soon. Back in 2011 I was a member of The Keyword Academy. As part of our monthly membership plans we got access to their Niche Refinery keyword tool. I used this to find keywords to write about in a whole load of niches. By writing a lot of articles in managed to boost my AdSense income from $50 a month to over $1000 a month. I achieved that income surge in less than a year.

If you used LongTailPro then you could easily replicate my success!

Other Useful SEO Tools 'N' Stuff

Find A Forum

Need Forums? Then check out FindAForum.Net. I built this site back in 2013 as a replacement for the sadly missed It's still going strong in 2024. FindAForum makes it easy to search for forums and discussion boards in a wide range of niches. Forums can be a great source of traffic to your site, but be sure to observe the rules that the forum owners set, particularly on the use of promotional links and .sig links to your own web properties. Another good way of driving traffic to your site from forums is by cutting advertising deals with the forum owners. Most have no idea how valuable forum visitors are, so you'll often be able to strike really good deals, and spend much less on advertising than you would if you used AdSense or another advertising network.

Are forums still worth building? It's been my experience from running blogs and forums that forums get much lower bounce rates and more visitor engagement than you're ever likely to get from a blog. A forum is much more about your users, whereas a blog is usually mostly about you.

Of course, in 2024 there's a lot of competition from the social media giants like Reddit and Facebook, but you could still do OK with a forum in a particular micro or nano niche. To research whether it's worthwhile, search for "your niche forum" and see what the competition is like. If there are already some well established forums, then find a sub-niche of your main niche, or choose another niche.

If you want to make money from a forum then choose something in the hobbies and interests niche. People are always willing to spend money on their passion. Make sure your forum is in a fairly narrow niche too. That way you'll find it a lot easier to monetise.

Find A Blog

Established in 2020 as a sister site to Find A Forum, Find a Blog allows you to search and browse tens of thousands of Wordpress and Blogger blogs in a huge number of niches. Find niches, find guestposting opportunities, find blogs to comment on. Check out Find a Blog today.

Find A Niche

Another sister site of Find A Forum, Find a Niche allows you to search and browse tens of thousands of pre-researched niches covering a huge variety of topics.


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