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Find Lower Competition and Overlooked Niches

Hi, I'm Brett B and welcome to Niche Laboratory's Lower Competition and Overlooked Niches Tool. Use this random niche generator to find a new niche for you in 2024. This tool is based one some work I did back in 2013 around ways to extract LSI keyword phrases from websites. After playing around with some text parsing tools I ended up making a "Daily Niche Idea" website.

NicheIdeaOfTheDay.com was a nice idea but it was a few years too late to really take off. So in 2018 I let the domain name expire so I could focus my efforts on my more popular websites. Anyway, I still have the data and it's now being used to provide the niche ideas for this low competition niche tool.

I've taken user suggestions and feedback into account for this redeveloped niche finder. Before you could only view a single niche per day. This time you get three randomly generated niches. Plus if you don't like any of the niches it comes up with simply click the button again and get another three random micro niches.

Are these niches all low competition? I say that most of them were back in 2013 when I collated the list (there's 400 niches in total). The bad news is that it's got generally very competitive in every niche these days! I make around 60% less from my niche websites than I did in five years ago. But I am still making money online, so it's not a complete dead loss.

Well my boom to (almost) bust story is for another day. How can this tool help YOU?

Most of these niches aren't that well known to the general public yet there are still many people who are interested in them. I've done pretty well from obscure niches over the years. Between 2002 and 2012 I made $100,000 from selling software for documenting application source code. Did you even think that was a thing? Well it was (and still is!) and I almost made that niche my own for a few years.

From 2010 - 2016 I made another fortune in a completely different niche. This time I made my money from promoting other peoples' affiliate offers instead of selling my own products. Sadly this niche is pretty competitive these days, but there's still not a great deal of competition in one of the topics I've built micro-niche sites around.

My tip is that if you want less competition from other bloggers then you should look for B2B products and niches. Often there is less competition from bloggers, and small businesses don't always have great SEO on their sites, or have time for article marketing. As I've already mentioned, I once made a fortune from software for documenting source code. I only had 3 competitors in my niche. Of those, one product was $1450 more than what I charged for my product. The other product was built by a non-native English speaker and was rather strange.

Using this Low Competition Niche Finder Service

Get started with the Low Competition Niche Finder by clicking on the "Find Me Some Less Competitive Niches" button. After a few seconds, you should see three random niche suggestions appear.

Each niche suggestion contains details of the main keyword, some LSI keywords and phrases related to that niche and also a couple of photos to jazz it up a bit. Remember to use plenty of photos on your site as when somebody searches for "cat toys" then the first thing they're going to visually scan your site for are pictures of cat toys. Then they at least know that your site is likely to be closely related to what they're actually looking for.

By the way, if you don't like any of the random niche suggestions this tool finds for you then simply click on the button again and you'll get three more micro niche suggestions.

If you find a niche you might potentially be interested in then don't forget to copy and paste the keyword into the online version of Niche Laboratory. Or download Niche Laboratory Pro to find even more ideas in your chosen niche, plus get a better idea of how competitive it is.

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For example, when I ran Blog Spy on my own site I found out my major competitor Income School don't actually actually blog anymore - they've turned to video blogging (vlogging). Well that was a smart move because video is absolutely massive these days, and I'm pleased with my own results with NicheLaboratory.TV.

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