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Dating remains one of the best vertials for running offers in. Commissions on dating offers can run to over $100 per conversion - way more money than you'd make in any other niche!

The following dating offers are showcased here:

1. Cupid Media

This dating site operator has a large network of dating sites. Many are themed at the international dating market. Their better known sites include China Love Cupid, Thai Cupid and Filipino Cupid.

Commissions can be pretty good, with up to 75% commission. How much you make will depend on whether your visitors pay for a monthly or annual membership plan. Most prospective sign-ups just opt for a one month membership plan so it's likely that you won't get too many $80+ commissions.

Any downsides?

Yes the company is a pain to deal with. They change their creatives or affiliate links from time to time which means you might have to rebuild your site. Also they only payout via PayPal which is a huge drawback given that there are so many other ways to receive online payments these days. I was banned by PayPal years ago and so I have largely diversified away from using Cupid Media's sites.

Finally the Cupid sites themselves are declining in popularity. There has been very little investment in the sites themselves and they look much the same as they did back in 2009.

Some of the most popular sites have been renamed, which is confusing for brand recognition.

There is much more competition from Mobile Dating Apps and the Cupid Apps themselves are really poor. Many of their smaller sites have become free to use so it's a waste of time to promote them. The bigger sites like Thai Cupid have also faced a lot of competition from sites like Thai Friendly. Thai Friendly has a kick ass Mobile App and is really eating into Cupid's market share.

Don't let these drawbacks discourage you though because the online dating market is still huge and growing.

This network run some of the biggest and most popular niche dating sites online. They also give good payouts of up to 75% commission. I've made several thousand dollars from this company over the years.

Overall Affiliate Program Rating:

Go to the Cupid Media Website

2. IK Affiliates

IK Affiliates run a small network of lesser known dating sites in various niches.

There are a few sites in the international dating niche some in the hookups niche.

The sites are especially popular with Europeans, particularly in the German market.

They can be a good backup if you can't get approved by Cupid Media.

Some of the creatives have typos and are poor quality but you can always make your own.

A little known affiliate network with a few international dating sites.

Overall Affiliate Program Rating:

Go to the IK Affiliates Website

3. ShareASale

ShareASale is one of the longest established affiliate marketing programs there is. It was founded in 2000. Now it has over 700,000 affiliates promoting their offers.

ShareASale has almost 4000 different offers to promote. These offers are in a wide range of niches. Popular categories include: dating, fashion accessories, computing accessories, automotive offers and clothing. So whatever niche your website is in, you stand a really good chance of finding a related offer available in the ShareASale marketplace.

The offers are also available for a wide range of different types including pay per sale, pay per lead and pay per click.

There are plenty of well known companies whose offers are available through this affiliate network. So your customers may already be familiar with the brands. Don't waste money promoting little known offers - always promoted the market leaders in your niche!

ShareASale has plenty of dating offers to help you monetise your relationship niche blog or dating site. Some of the offers available on there include Elitemate and Safemate. These dating offers will generally pay something in the region of $7 for an email submit or 25% commission on any subscriptions bought by members you refer to them.

If you have some niche specific traffic then there are also merchants you can promote such as Friends Asia (Asian Dating) and Christian Cafe (Christian Singles). There are also related offers in the pheromones and psychic niches. From my experiences in the dating niche I know that men are interested in the whole pheromones thing. Women are often very interested in psychics and tarot readings AND they will spend money on such services. So these offers might also be worth promoting to your members or your list.

Long established affiliate network with some reasonable offers in the dating niche. However you can often make more commission by using offers direct from the dating site operator itself.

Overall Affiliate Program Rating:

Go to the ShareASale Website

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