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If you want to monetise your blog, website or forum then you've come to the right place. The Niche Laboratory Affiliate Program Directory contains hand picked listings of the best affiliate programs online. You can also run these CPA offers on 3rd party sites in order to make money online without owning a website of your own. And if you have your own email list (you do have a list, don't you?) then you'll find these offers will convert like crazy if you have a mailing list in a specific niche.

When selecting these offers I've used my decade long experience of running offers on my own niche sites to select only the best offers out there. I know from my own experience what will convert for you and what will waste your time.

So what should you look for when promoting an affiliate offer?

  • First of all, make sure you know you know your website visitors and their intentions. For example, Niche Laboratory is a keyword tool site, so I would run affiliate offers for other keyword tools here. From profiling my user base I also know that most Niche Laboratory users don't have that much money to spend. So I would also run an offer for a service like PostLoop, where people can make money by writing forum posts online. Trust me, it is absolutely essential that you know who your users are and what products or services they might be interested in. My tip here is that if you have an established site, then look in the Google Search Console to see what keywords your website visitors are using to get to your site. These will give you clues as to what offers they might be interested in.
  • You also need to know if your website traffic is broad or laser-focused on a specific niche. If you have a micro-niche site or an authority site then you'll probably have website visitors who are specifically interested in one vertical. For example, a dating advice blog should have a lot of visitors who are single people who want to find a partner to hookup with. If your traffic is quite broad, then you can often make money money from ad networks like AdSense or Chitika. Alternatively you could try general interest offers, like freebie offers and coupons.
  • Also remember to check your website statistics to find out where your visitors are coming from. To make the most money online you usually need visitors from the USA, Canada, UK and other Western countries. But don't worry if all of your visitors are from India, or a less well known market. It just means that you should choose an offer that's specific to that particular market. You might make less money on a CPA basis but you might be able to make up for this on volume.
  • Staying with the country theme, some offers will only payout on traffic from specific countries. Don't waste your traffic by sending them visitors who would never qualify for the payout! Not only are you wasting your visitors, but you might also get banned from the affiliate program by sending them too much poor quality traffic.
  • In some niches you'll be really lucky in that there will be several offers you could promote. The advice here is easy: always promote the best-in-class product. The market leader will likely already be known by your visitors. They'll also have a slicker landing page that will ensure the offer converts as best as possible.
  • So it's best to promote the best-in-class product, but remember to also break this rule! When should you break this rule? It's always a good idea to have you monetisation eggs in different baskets. What happens if you get banned from the vendor's offer, or they change their terms and conditions, or they reduce the commission, or end up not paying you? So always have 2-3 alternatives on standby.
  • Get creative when promoting affiliate offers. How many of you stick banner ads on your site? Well it's been my experience that the best converting method of monetising a blog or forum is through inline text links. So remove those obtrusive banner ads and put in more inline contextual text links to affiliate offers.
  • Review your ad performance on a monthly basis. Bear in mind that if your site is small you might not get that many conversions. Be ruthless and remove non-converting offers from your site and try out other offers.
  • Good luck!

Affiliate Networks

Just getting started with affiliate marketing or have a small niche website? These affiliate networks make it easy to monetise your site, whatever niche it's in.

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Make Money Online

If you have a make money online related website then these offers will help YOU make money online as well!

View All Make Money Online Affiliate Programs


Dating remains one of the best vertials for running offers in. Commissions on dating offers can run to over $100 per conversion - way more money than you'd make in any other niche!

View All Dating Affiliate Programs


More people are using mobile phones and tablets these days so is software still a good niche for the affiliate marketer? The answer is a resounding YES! There are still some great products to market in the software niche, and not so many IM people know about them. Software can be quite a lucrative product to market online. Commission earnings can be quite high. As more software has moved to a SAAS (Software As A Service) model then there is the chance to earn monthly recurring commissions.

View All Software Affiliate Programs

Fashion and Clothing

The fashion and clothing niche is still a great place to find micro-niches to build authority sites around. I've dabbled in this niche over the years. It's not too hard to get traffic. It's definitely not as competitive as other popular niches like weight loss or food and drink. The nice thing about fashion and clothing as the niche is all about buying stuff. So if you get traffic, you WILL make money.

View All Fashion and Clothing Affiliate Programs

Affilate Programs With High Commissions

It's been my experience that two niches are good for mainstream high paying offers: dating and anything in niches related to ClickBank products. Both of these are easy to get into and don't necessarily require any extensive knowledge of a particular niche. ClickBank has a tonne of products in the MarketPlace that have commission rates of up to 80%. On the downside you'll generally have a lot of competition from other affiliates trying to pitch the same offers. I love the dating niche. Many single people are desperate to find a special somebody in their life. So they WILL spend money on dating sites. The dating niche is also not too competitive. There are plenty of micro-niches within the broader niche that don't have too much competition. Another great thing - dating sites will often pay high commissions if the members you refer to them buy subscriptions. Dating sites can have high ticket prices. I've often spent over $150 for a year's membership of a site. Affiliate commissions on such a purchase can be really juicy as many dating sites pay out at least 50% commission. It's not unusual to find sites that pay out a lot more - 75% is not unheard of. The downside is that you'll only get this fat commission if the visitor converts and buys an annual membership plan. These days people have shorter attention spans and tend to usually only buy one or three month subscriptions. So the commission on these will be a lot less.

View All Affilate Programs With High Commissions Affiliate Programs


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