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Affilate Programs With High Commissions

When researching affiliate programs it's always a good idea to seek out programs that pay out high commissions. Why? Because usually it's not much harder to pursuade somebody to buy a high ticket item than it is to sell them a low value item.

I've seen this in my own life. I bought my apartment back in 2006 and didn't really spend that much time looking for it. I spend way more time agonising over buying the perfect $20 USB hub on Amazon.

So what do you need to consider when looking at high paying affiliate programs?

There are two ways to make a lot of commission:

1. Promote products that have a high price tag.
2. Promote products that pay you a high percentage commission.

Ideally you should also consider a third point - how saturated the niche is. If you can't get traffic to your offers then you won't make those conversions.

So now down to the important bit - which niches have plenty of high commission offers?

It's been my experience that two niches are good for mainstream high paying offers: dating and anything in niches related to ClickBank products. Both of these are easy to get into and don't necessarily require any extensive knowledge of a particular niche.

ClickBank has a tonne of products in the MarketPlace that have commission rates of up to 80%. On the downside you'll generally have a lot of competition from other affiliates trying to pitch the same offers.

I love the dating niche. Many single people are desperate to find a special somebody in their life. So they WILL spend money on dating sites. The dating niche is also not too competitive. There are plenty of micro-niches within the broader niche that don't have too much competition. Another great thing - dating sites will often pay high commissions if the members you refer to them buy subscriptions.

Dating sites can have high ticket prices. I've often spent over $150 for a year's membership of a site. Affiliate commissions on such a purchase can be really juicy as many dating sites pay out at least 50% commission. It's not unusual to find sites that pay out a lot more - 75% is not unheard of. The downside is that you'll only get this fat commission if the visitor converts and buys an annual membership plan. These days people have shorter attention spans and tend to usually only buy one or three month subscriptions. So the commission on these will be a lot less.

The other downside to dating offers? Vendors are now more choosy about which affiliates they will take on. To pursuade them that you should be in their program it helps if you have a decent site which already has visitors. Some offers will also require traffic from specific geographical regions, so it can help if you can provide them with this. Finally make sure you warm up your visitors so they're more likely to buy a subscription to the dating site you're promoting. The easiest way to do this is to make a micro-niche blog about a particular dating niche. So if you make a senior dating niche site then you're more likely to attract visitors who will pay to join an over 40's dating site.

There are also lots of less well known niches with high value offers. As I find them I'll add them to this page. Here are some high value niches you might like to research though: gold, medical supplies, home decor, gambling, banking, insurance and education.

Education can be an extremely high paying niche. All universities and colleges need students, and they will pay a lot of money to acquire them. This is especially true for high value courses. MBA courses are the obvious candidates here. Most Western universities also earn higher fees from overseas students, so they are keen to recruit globally. They don't often have a presence in other countries and rely on networks of agents. These agents are little more than affiliate marketers, so you could easily join in and earn very high commissions by refering prospective students in your country to prestigious universities and colleges in Western countries. Commissions can be as high as 10% of course fees. Do the math on the average cost of a Masters course at a Western university!

The following affilate programs with high commissions offers are showcased here:

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