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Submit a Internet Marketing Product/Service Review

Increase your Niche Laboratory points score by submitting a review of something. When your review is published, you get 2000 Niche Laboratory points (see details of membership plans).

What do I want reviews of?

Basically anything you use to build and improve your own niche websites.

So that can include web hosting plans, keyword tools, mailing list services, premium WordPress Themes or Plugins.

I am especially interested in stuff you've actually paid for!

What to Include In Your Review?

  • What you like or dislike.
  • Was it easy to use?
  • Did you have to ask for customer support? Was it good?
  • Have you had some good benefits (e.g. traffic increase, more money made)
  • Finally give the item a score out of 10 (10 = great, 0 = poor)

If you've done a video review of something and it's on YouTube then send me the link and I'll include it in your review.

When you're finished, email your review to and I'll add it to the reviews section of the site.

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We have reviews in the following categories:

Don't worry if the thing you want to review isn't listed here - I can make a new category for it.


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