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Fashion and Clothing

The fashion and clothing niche is still a great place to find micro-niches to build authority sites around.

I've dabbled in this niche over the years. It's not too hard to get traffic. It's definitely not as competitive as other popular niches like weight loss or food and drink.

The nice thing about fashion and clothing as the niche is all about buying stuff. So if you get traffic, you WILL make money.

Remember to do plenty of keyword research because some micro-niches in fashion and clothing are much easier than others. The good news is that there are so many long tail keywords available. Most of the things people want to buy in this niche are available in different sizes, colours, purposes and for different genders. So you can find many, many long tail keywords, maybe more than in most other niches.

The following fashion and clothing offers are showcased here:

1. Amazon Associates

The internet's biggest affiliate scheme hardly needs any introduction.

If you have a fashion or clothing related blog or forum then this could be a good scheme to monetise your site.

There are also a wealth of clothing products available on Amazon so you'll be spoiled for choice when it comes to products to showcase.

Amazon is the world's #1 trusted retailer and you'll find that your website visitors really trust this brand. That really helps your conversion statistics.

On the downside there's the short customer cookie duration, commissions are on the low side and you'll normally only earn from US based customers. That means your UK and European traffic could go to waste, unless you get a plug-in to redirect this traffic to other Amazon sites.

I also find that the clothing products on Amazon tend to be quite mainstream and often a little boring. AliExpress is really snapping at their heels with a wider range of innovating and exciting products and with higher commission payments for you and lower prices for your customers to enjoy.

Finally they also have a lot of rules and regulations that come with a big household name brand.

I joined this program back in 1999 and it was a steady earner for many years. Then it got much harder to rank e-commerce themed blogs and my earnings dried up.

Overall Affiliate Program Rating:

Go to the Amazon Associates Website

2. Chitika

If you have a clothing niche site then you'll definitely want to join the Chitika affiliate network. It's really easy to add the advert code to your site so you can be up and running in minutes.

This network has been around for a long time and it's reliable and trustworthy. There are many different options for cashing out your earnings. They'll also payout from just $10 of earnings.

They pay decent CPM's (some of the highest of any affiliate network). The ads are really easy to integrate into your site. And it works well with existing advertising systems. They especially recommend trying it with AdSense, as you can earn even more than with just AdSense alone.

Any downsides? As I already mentioned, just use Chitika on a clothing niche site, or a site that has another e-commerce related consumer focus. Don't put this on a general blog or one in a niche like dating as you'll earn practically nothing!

This affiliate network can pay quite nice CPM rates in the clothing and fashion niche. It's also really easy to add their adverts to your site. Try it with AdSense as well, and get a nice little boost to your website's earnings.

Overall Affiliate Program Rating:

Go to the Chitika Website

3. AliExpress

AliExpress is the international version of TaoBao, the #1 shopping portal in China.

AliExpress is kind of like Amazon in that it offers a wide range of products.

There are a number of advantages that you need to be aware of. Firstly it ships to way more countries than Amazon. So if you have a lot of visitors from Russia or the Middle East, then you'll now be able to make some affiliate commissions from them.

Secondly AliExpress has a much wider product range than Amazon. The site is really exciting for new users, who may see the same old boring stuff on Amazon time and time again.

Any downsides? Well wealthy buyers from Western countries might still be wary of this site and its Chinese roots. The mini stores on the site have a lot of Chinglish and it's not nearly as user friendly as Amazon.

Finally the affiliate tools suck. Plus some of the juiciest products carry a 0% commission rate for you, which is a real shame.

Oh and if you're autoblogging, the API sucks as well. Amazon's is much more refined.

Jump on the AliExpress bandwagon now. This site has much better clothing products and a much wider range than Amazon has!

Overall Affiliate Program Rating:

Go to the AliExpress Website

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