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If you have a make money online related website then these offers will help YOU make money online as well!

The following make money online offers are showcased here:

1. PostLoop

This isn't an affiliate scheme as such. However if you have a blog in the make money online niche then you can potentially get some good value out of it.

If you refer good quality users to it then you'll earn 20% of their credits. You can then use these credits to buy posters to submit comments and posts on your blog or forum.

It's especially useful for establishing a forum and making it look a lot busier than it actually is. If you already have a successful authority site then why not expand it and add a discussion forum?

I've tried PostLoop on one of my own forums and I got some pretty good posts which made the forum look a little busier than it actually is. At least now all the sub-forums don't say they were last updated by me!

If you have an existing forum then you'll be pleased to know that they support integration with a wide variety of forum softwares, including the ever popular phpBB. Integration is very straightforward and you'll start receiving user registrations and guest posts within minutes of signing up at PostLoop.

PostLoop has a growing reputation as a place to find high quality forum and blog posters. If you want to growth hack your blog or forum by making your site look busy with real users, this site is excellent.

Overall Affiliate Program Rating:

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2. LongTail Pro Keyword Tool

If you have a blog about making money online then many of your website visitors are sure to be interested in the whole niche site building thing.

To build a successful niche site these days you're gonna need two things: careful keyword research and backlinks.

Well you can take care of the first thing by using the market leader in keyword research: LongTail Pro.

Given how saturated many niches are these days, LongTail Pro is more important than ever. It will quickly identify easy to rank for keywords making it easier to get traffic to a new site or one without the immense domain authority that the big brand sites have these days.

As an affiliate LongTail Pro offers you the chance to earn regular monthly commissions from the SAAS model the tool now uses. The tool is also very well known so you won't have to do too much convincing of your users to get them to try the #1 keyword tool.

Oh, and did I mention there's a $1 trial offer available? This is going to be really attractive for your website visitors, who can resist being able to try out such an awesome keyword tool for just a dollar?

The market leading keyword research tool offers some attractive monthly recurring commissions.

Overall Affiliate Program Rating:

Go to the LongTail Pro Keyword Tool Website

3. ClixSense

By doing a little profile of Niche Laboratory visitors I've come to realise one thing - most are broke! They're here because they need money NOW.

If you have a make money online / niche site building blog then understand one thing - most of your website users are BROKE and have NO MONEY. They need a site like ClixSense more than they need a keyword tool or an email autoresponder.

ClixSense can help your website visitors out. It's a kind of a portal for people who want to make money online. It has all kinds of way of making money. You can play games, take part in surveys, get cash offers, complete tasks and do all kinds of other stuff. The tasks can be particularly lucrative.

A nice thing about ClixSense is that they have an affiliate scheme that means you earn up to 30% affiliate commission on however much your referral users earn. To encourage them you can give them a personal message of encouragement.

On the downside they closed my account because of inactivity. I hope I didn't lose my $2.22 because of this!

So far I've made $2.22 with Clixsense. It's a tiny amount BUT I have demonstrated that it IS possible to make money at ClixSense.

Overall Affiliate Program Rating:

Go to the ClixSense Website

4. MailerLite

"You must have a list" say all the internet marketing gurus.

And what better place to start and maintain your list than at MailerLite?

I've tried running a mailing list in the past. I had problems with getting banned by MailChimp so I gave up in the end.

A few years later I started my list (in an entirely different niche) on MailerLite and it's gone pretty well so far.

So what can it offer as an affiliate? Once you join MailerLite you get access to the affiliate scheme. They payout $16 per member, as long as that member pays for a subscription. This is quite likely as once they gain 1000 subscribers to their list then they're sure to want to pay to send emails to a much larger list.

If you have a blog about making niche sites then a mailing list service is something you must tell your users about. And MailerLite is one of the best services around.

I use MailerLite to send out Niche Laboratory mailing list mails and I've generally been happy with the results. So I have no problems with recommending this as a product to promote via affiliate offers.

Overall Affiliate Program Rating:

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